The Blind Side

Adult Themes, Sexual Situations, Violence, Coarse Language

Drama American Football Family Adaptation


Sandra Bullock stars as Leigh Anne Touhy, a headstrong, wealthy Memphis woman who welcomes into her home Michael Oher, an emotionally traumatised African-American high-school student who turns out to be gifted at playing football.

Tim McGraw
Sandra Bullock
Kathy Bates
L. Warren Young
Omar Dorsey
Preston Brant
Joe Chrest
Afemo Omilami
David Dwyer
Tommy Tuberville
Libby Whittemore
Joseph Chrest
Elizabeth Omilami
Andy Stahl
Houston Nutt
Robert Pralgo
Tom Lemming
Lou Holtz
Ray McKinnon
Jody Thompson
Paul Amadi
James Donadio
Adriane Lenox
Tom Nowicki
Jae Head
Quinton Aaron
Maria Howell
Kevin Nichols
Lily Collins
Elisabeth Omilami
Brian Hollan
Melody Weintraub
Sharon Morris
IronE Singleton
Hampton Fluker
Eaddy Mays
Ashley Leconte Campbell
Stacey Turner
Patrick J. Keenan
Eric Benson
Catherine Combs
Kelly Johns
Whitney Branan
Brian Sutherin
Rachel St. Gelais
Brandon Rivers
Matthew Atkinson
Trey Best
Omid Soltani
Destiny Long
April Rich
Jaye Tyroff
Ben Keen
John Newberg
John Henry Hancock
Kim Dickens
Lamont Koonce
Franklin 'Pepper' Rodgers
Michael Fisher
Rhoda Griffis
Nick Saban
Catherine Dyer
Phillip Fulmer
Ed Orgeron
Brett Rice


Released 2009