The Middle


Comedy Sitcom Family




The Heck family throw a barbecue, and Mike worries that he's passing his social awkwardness on to Brick. Meanwhile, Axl decides to clean the family pool so that girls in bikinis will stop by to swim; and Sue befriends a church youth-group leader and hears that he may be leaving due to a budget pinch, so she tries to raise money to keep him on.

Neil Flynn
Patricia Heaton
Mandy McMillian
Charlie McDermott
Beau Wirick
Atticus Shaffer
Eden Sher
Audrey Wasilewski
Krista Braun
Erin Sossamon
John Gammon
Andrew J. Fishman
Devan Leos
Paul Hipp
Jen Ray
Cynthia Rube
Parker Contreras


HDTV - 720p
Dolby 5.1
Released 2010