Hold the Sunset

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2:05 pm - 2:35 pm | Sunday 1st September

Family Issues
Troubled Relationships


Damage Limitation

With her annoying sister Joan safely packed off home, Edith is thrilled when Phil announces that Jack Dugdale has made an offer on his house, which he has accepted. Now they can get on and plan their future together, starting with the wedding. But theirs is not the only romance in the air. While out jogging, Dugdale astonishes Sandra by proposing to her. Wendy's book, The Lemming Family, is fast becoming a best seller, which is affecting all the family, who are thinly disguised as characters in it. Phil calls a meeting to prepare for a showdown with Wendy.


Language - English
Original Broadcast/Premiere - 2019


Cast & Crew
Stars John Cleese, Peter Egan, Rosie Cavaliero, Alison Steadman, Jason Watkins


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