Little House on the Prairie

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06:00 am - 07:00 am | Wednesday 1st May

Drama Family Adaptation



Heartwarming saga of a frontier family's struggles and triumphs on a farm near Walnut Grove, Minn., in the 1870s. Based on the books of Laura Ingalls Wilder (whose character doubles as narrator), it was the signature achievement of star-executive producer Michael Landon. It relates the family's experiences dealing with natural disasters and health problems, notably the poignant story of Mary Ingalls' blindness. In its final season, it was titled 'Little House: A New Beginning.'

Jason Bateman
Michael Landon
Melissa Gilbert
Brenda Turnbeaugh
Katherine MacGregor
Kevin Hagen
Charlotte Stewart
Melissa Sue Anderson
Ketty Lester
Victor French
Linwood Boomer
Alison Arngrim
Merlin Olsen
Leslie Landon
Lucy Lee Flippin
Richard Bull
Lindsay Greenbush
Wendy Turnbeaugh
Stan Ivar
Karen Grassle
Dabbs Greer
Dean Butler
Bonnie Bartlett
Patrick Laborteaux
Hersha Parady
Missy Francis
Sidney Greenbush
Allison Balson


Released 1974