Home and Away

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Soap Opera Drama Romance



Raffy turns down Mason's idea to produce his own cannabis oil to help her, but changes her mind when she has another seizure. Leah offers Justin support, but one thing leads to another and they end up in bed. Marilyn fears the worst when news comes from Kabul.

Emily Symons
Ray Meagher
Ada Nicodemou
Georgie Parker
Shane Withington
Elizabeth Blackmore
Jessica Grace Smith
Kyle Pryor
Charlie Clausen
Lynne McGranger
Jake Speer
Cassie Howarth
Kassandra Clementi
Andrew J. Morley
Bonnie Sveen
George Mason
Stephen Peacocke
Tai Hara
Jackson Gallagher
Demi Harman
Nic Westaway
Will McDonald
Philippa Northeast
Isabella Giovinazzo
Matthew Little
Johnny Ruffo
Alec Snow
Bridgette Sneddon
Craig Ball


Released 2019