Qing Luo

Qing Luo

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In the UK, you can stream and watch Qing Luo on Amazon Prime Video UK. Please note, Amazon Prime Video UK is a Subscription streaming service and you may need to register or provide your existing Amazon Prime Video UK login to watch.

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Season 1
1. Qing Luo 01 (Liu Xueyi, Wang Ziwei, Daisy Dai)
Dec 6, 2021
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Yu Qing Luo gives birth to a son named Nan Nan. Seven years later, she becomes a renowned physician with unorthodox skills. She sets out to find Yang Xiu Cheng, Nan Nan's father. On her journey, she comes across a man named Ye Xiu Du, the prince of Feng Cang Kingdom. As Ye Xiu Du resembles Yang Xiu Cheng, Yu Qing Luo grew to resent him.



Genre - Misc

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