Made in Italy - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Made in Italy tonight


Liam Neeson
Also starred in: A Walk Among the Tombstones , Marlowe , A Monster Calls
Lindsay Duncan
Also starred in: Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) , City Hall , The Honourable Woman
Also starred in: Alibaba
Valeria Bilello
Also starred in: Tell No One (2012) , One Chance , Curon
Yolanda Kettle
Also starred in: Roadkill , A Doll's House
Helena Antonio
Gian Marco Tavani
Marco Quaglia
Eileen Walsh
Also starred in: Wolf , Nicholas Nickleby , Maze
Flaminia Cinque
Also starred in: The Knot (2012) , Accident Man: Hitman's Holiday , Leap Year (2010)
Julian Ovenden
Also starred in: Head Full of Honey , Foyle's War , Adult Material
Souad Faress
Also starred in: Game of Thrones , Brief Encounters , My Beautiful Laundrette

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