The Ice Road - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of The Ice Road tonight


Liam Neeson
Also starred in: A Walk Among the Tombstones , Marlowe , A Monster Calls
Benjamin Walker
Also starred in: In the Heart of the Sea , Flags of Our Fathers , The King's Daughter
Laurence Fishburne
Also starred in: Akeelah and the Bee , Ride Along , Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Amber Midthunder
Also starred in: I See You , Roswell, New Mexico , Prey
Marcus Thomas
Also starred in: The Forger , Best of E.O.F.T. No. 11 , You Kill Me (2007)
Holt McCallany
Also starred in: Blackhat , SGT. Will Gardner , Jade (1995)
مارتن سينسماير
Matt McCoy (actor)
Also starred in: National Security , L.A. Confidential , The Swing of Things
Matt Salinger
Also starred in: Black Dawn , Pistol Whipped , Power
Chad Bruce
Adam Hurtig
Also starred in: Secret Stalker: Abducting Lacy , JT LeRoy , Christmas Heart
Bradley Sawatzky
Also starred in: The Plague , Radius , Siberia (2018)
Marshall Williams
Also starred in: Pete's Christmas , Supergrid , Sorry For Your Loss

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