The Railway Children Return - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of The Railway Children Return tonight


Jenny Agutter
Also starred in: An American Werewolf in London , Captain America: The Winter Soldier , The Eagle Has Landed
Sheridan Smith
Also starred in: The Huntsman: Winter's War , Powder Room (2013) , Jonathan Creek
John Bradley
Also starred in: Marry Me , Game of Thrones
Tom Courtenay
Also starred in: Gambit , Dad's Army , Summerland
Beau Gadsdon
Also starred in: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story , Treason , The Quiz
Austin Haynes
Neil Hurst
K.J. Aikens
Eden Hamilton
Zac Cudby
Thomas Flynn
Also starred in: Shark Bait
Dumo Mkweli
Oscar Wallwork
Jemma Rodgers

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