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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mystery 101

In the series premiere episode, Velma's got an interview at the prestigious Kingston University, the most selective school in the country. The only catch? The dean wants her and the rest of the Scooby gang to figure out why the ghost of Elias Kingston, the school's founder, is haunting Kingston's book-filled halls!


Episode 2 - Game of Chicken

Fred gets a call for help from Chuck Mangum (John Viener), his daredevil of a best friend, leading the gang on a rescue mission deep in the caverns of an ancient civilization. Once there, they learn of the real mystery: the ghost of the Tribal Warrior that still protects the cavern from outsiders!


Episode 3 - All Paws On Deck

Despite Velma's strong dislike of water, the Gang climb aboard the cruise ship run by Fred's cousin. But a water phobia is the least of their problems when a terrifying Sea Monster attacks the ship!


Episode 4 - Poodle Justice

It's Scooby's dream come true as the gang visits the set of his favorite TV show and he meets the star, his celebrity crush, a dog actress who plays a detective on the screen. Now all Scooby has to do is work up the courage to actually talk to her while also solving the mystery of the monstrous Gargoyle attacking the production!


Episode 5 - Grand Scam

Shaggy takes the Gang to the Minor League Baseball stadium of his youth only to learn that it's about to be shut down because a ghostly baseball player is scaring away the fans — and the team! Shaggy puts aside his cowardly ways to save his home team. But will Scooby stand by his (now not-so-scared) pal?


Episode 6 - Trading Chases

Fred switches places with Jeff, the tour guide at a history museum, to give him a chance to lead the Gang in solving a mystery. The mystery: a frightening Egyptian crocodile deity is terrorizing the museum. The problem: Fred is instantly jealous of this new guy and sets out to solve the mystery before Jeff can – with the help of Jeff's tour group of children!


Episode 7 - Be Quiet Scooby-Doo!

To solve the mystery of a creepy Crystal Crawler – a bat-like cave monster – the Gang must venture into the Crystal Canopy – a labyrinth of intricate crystal formations. To make things worse, they can't speak a word while in the Canopy, because even the slightest sound will bring the crystals crashing down around them!


Episode 8 - Party Like It's 1899

Daphne brings the gang to a Victorian murder mystery party, so they can dress up and solve a fake mystery for once. But when an actual Headless Count (David Kaye) starts kidnapping people for real, the gang must stay in character as they tackle the real caper!


Episode 9 - Screama Donna

To solve the mystery of a ghostly performer haunting her former venue, the Gang has to pretend to be a rock band themselves! But can they solve the case before Velma has to actually get on stage and sing?


Episode 10 - Kitchen Frightmare

Shaggy and Scooby's favorite chef is finally opening his own restaurant but a monstrous Yeti threatens the opening night. The gang has to solve the mystery before dessert is served, while Shaggy and Scooby have to resist eating all the food that's meant for the customers!


Episode 11 - Me, Myself, and Al

When an Artificial Intelligence takes over the building of a trendy tech company, the gang has to solve the computerized mystery – and maybe learn a lesson about relying too much on technology.


Episode 12 - Area 51 Adjacent

Daphne had always dreamed of meeting extraterrestrial life, but that dream becomes a nightmare when the gang gets caught up in the mystery of a scary alien monster and brought to Area 53 – a government facility so secret, it's two numbers higher than Area 51!


Episode 13 - Where There's a Will, There's a Wraith

It's a classic haunted house caper when a rich man, whose life Scooby once saved, writes Scooby into his will! Now, to collect his share of the fortune the gang must spend a night in a creepy mansion along with the rich man's kooky relatives and a spooky phantom!


Episode 14 - Scary Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and Fred is ready to solve a Christmas mystery! Unfortunately, the gang has arrived in a town that's being attacked by a Pterodactyl and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with Christmas!


Episode 15 - If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime

Fred is excited to visit The Vault - a high security prison from which no convict has ever escaped. But when the ghost of Stealin' Stan (John DiMaggio), an inmate who always claimed to be innocent, terrorizes the prison, Fred has to solve the mystery and rethink his stance on criminal justice!


Episode 16 - Gremlin On a Plane

The Gang has seats on the largest airplane ever to fly the open airways! Unfortunately, the plane is also beset by a Gremlin bent on sabotaging the flight! The Gang has to step up to solve the airborne mystery as well as deal with something even scarier: Daphne in the pilot seat!


Episode 17 - Sorcerer Snacks Scare

Shaggy and Scooby discover their new favorite food as the gang investigates the mystery of a frightening Sorcerer that's haunting a snack factory!


Episode 18 - Saga of the Swamp Beast

The gang's trip to the bayou is ruined by a shambling Swamp Beast that's scaring away anyone who dares to enter its soggy domain!


Episode 19 - Be Cold, Scooby-Doo!

The gang hits the ski slopes, although Daphne's more focused on nailing Fred with a revenge snowball. Their snowy fun is soon interrupted by the appearance of an evil Snowman Monster eager to scare all trespassers off his mountain.


Episode 20 - Giant Problems

Daphne brings the gang to Ireland to visit an ancient Blake family castle. As the gang becomes enchanted by the magical Emerald Isle, an angry, rampaging Giant makes them reconsider just how wonderful all the old myths and legends really are.


Episode 21 - Eating Crow

The gang visits a farm that’s being haunted by a creepy Scarecrow Ghost. Fred wants to impress the farmer’s daughter with his mystery-solving skills, but for some reason this case just isn’t adding up.


Episode 22 - I Scooby Dooby Do

The gang is honored to take part in the wedding of two close friends. But can Best Man, Shaggy, and Maid of Honor, Daphne, save their friend’s perfect day before it’s ruined by a tragic Ghost Bride bent on destroying everyone else’s Happily Ever After?


Episode 23 - El Bandito

The gang head out to a Day of the Dead festival. There, they learn the spirit of the old, legendary criminal, El Bandito, has returned to terrorize the locals. Fred becomes obsessed with solving the mystery and becoming a part of the great legend himself.


Episode 24 - Into the Mouth of Madcap

Daphne agrees to watch her friend’s kid, Wayne, and convinces Fred to take a night off from mysteries to go to the boardwalk amusement park. Unbeknownst to her, though, the park is being haunted by a fiendish clown, Madcap.


Episode 25 - The Norse Case Scenario

The gang goes on a camping trip, although they can’t really agree on why. Fred’s desire for the gang to get in touch with their natural instincts and hone their mystery skills turns into on-the-job training as Viking Ghosts attack and attempt to drive them away – or worse.


Episode 26 - The People vs. Fred Jones

Fred is on trial, accused of being the real mastermind behind all the mysteries he’s solved. With the help of his defense attorney, Daphne, we go back over the day’s events at a town that had been abandoned since the 1950’s because of a toxic chemical spill, where a Toxic Mutant has been terrorizing all who dare go near.


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