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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Some Fred Time

In the season two premiere episode, the gang forces an over-worked Fred to relax and take time off from mysteries at Daphne's family's beach house. Unfortunately, when a walking shark attacks the ritzy beach community, the gang is forced to solve the mystery without Fred finding out about it.


Episode 2 - There Wolf

The gang rushes Scooby to an animal hospital when he suddenly falls ill. But things go from bad to worse when they discover the Gothic, old hospital is also home to a rampaging werewolf!


Episode 3 - Renn Scare

The gang heads to the Velma's beloved authentic Renaissance Faire, where they must find a way to infiltrate the royal feast in order to stop an evil court jester from ending the king's reign, permanently, and closing the faire!


Episode 4 - How to Train Your Coward

Finally fed up with monsters and mayhem, Shaggy and Scooby decide to quit the gang and train their replacements in one on-the-job training session, unraveling the mystery of a vampire that's terrorizing a small town.


Episode 5 - Worst in Show

After a Giant Houndbeast attacks an elite dog show, the gang goes undercover and enters Scooby in the show in order to solve the mystery.


Episode 6 - Mysteries on the Disorient Express

Unhappy about a mystery-free, three-day, cross-country train trip with the gang, Fred is pleasantly surprised to discover a monster mystery on board. He's less pleasantly surprised however, when that mystery is interrupted by a second mystery, then a third, then a fourth.


Episode 7 - Halloween

The gang goes trick or treating on Halloween night but Velma seems to think that Halloween is a disrespect to history while Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby have the opposite opinion. Meanwhile Fred believes you can't solve a mystery on Halloween. But all is explained when the gang runs into a witch and Fred reveals that he ran into the same witch 11 years ago with his cousin.


Episode 8 - The Curse of Kaniaku

On a trip to Japan to visit Velma's friend, the gang comes face to face with the ancient crab monster, Kaniaku, and attempts to solve a 700 year-old mystery. Meanwhile, Daphne accidentally becomes a viral media sensation in Japan!


Episode 9 - Vote Velma

When the ghost of a small town's founder returns to scare off mayoral candidates, the gang decides to run Velma as mayor to bait the ghost. They quickly discover, however, that Velma lacks the skillset to make her a popular politician!


Episode 10 - Scroogey Doo

The gang travels to Britain in 1843-ish and runs into Scrooge who claims he was attacked by the ghost of his partner Jacob Marley and that three more ghosts are coming. The gang agrees to solve the mystery but Velma wonders if she has more potential than just solving mysteries.


Episode 11 - In Space

A very bad parking choice on Fred's part leads the gang to an asteroid mining base in outer space where an alien virus appears to be infecting the crew one by one, turning them into evil skull-headed aliens. The paranoid, terrified gang must try to solve the mystery before the virus reaches them, as well - if it hasn't already!


Episode 12 - Doo Not Disturb

To escape a snowstorm, the gang checks into a creepy, massive hotel run by a man very strict about the hotel rules established by his deceased mother. The gang soon discovers the penalty for breaking the hotel rules is a horrifying scolding from the ghost of the owner's mother, herself!


Episode 13 - Silver Scream

The gang tours an old Hollywood Studio, but they soon uncover a mystery concerning the ghost of a silent film comedy star who has returned to make sure his recently discovered final film is never seen!


Episode 14 - Fright of Hand

Fred lives out his childhood dream of being a stage magician as he and the gang go uncover at a private magic club being terrorized by a mutant Rabbit monster!


Episode 15 - Greece is the Word

The gang travels back to Ancient Greece, where they play unique roles in a Greek Mystery involving the mythological spider woman, Arachne, and her attempts to disrupt the royal wedding that would unite two great cities!


Episode 16 - American Goth

Shaggy's friend Amelia invites Shaggy and the gang to a party. But Shaggy discovers that Amelia has become a goth. After realizing he has feelings for her Shaggy starts to feel bad that he hasn't changed at all so he decides he too will become a goth. But a mystery appears when an evil plant monster attacks the gang.


Episode 17 - Omelettes Are Forever

The gang gets caught up in international espionage and intrigue when they cross paths with British secret agent, Jenny Vex, and must help her complete her dangerous mission of stopping an evil mercenary called Minus from killing breakfast.


Episode 18 - Ghost in the Mystery Machine

Fred's worst nightmare comes true when an evil spirit possesses the Mystery Machine and turns his beloved van into an unrelenting monster out to destroy him and the gang before they can solve the mystery.


Episode 19 - Naughty or Ice

Daphne brings the gang to a fancy Ice Hotel co-owned by her family where a new exhibit of ice age artifacts is opening. Things heat up, however, when a frozen Ice Man thaws out and goes on a rampage inside the hotel.


Episode 20 - Night of the Upsetting Shorts

The gang heads to Shaggy's beloved grandmother's Florida retirement home, where they learn a crazed Ape Man has been frightening the elderly residents.


Episode 21 - Junkyard Dogs

Scooby runs into an old kennel mate Axel who is a highly trained Police dog who thinks mystery of the Junk yard monster is too big a case for the gang.


Episode 22 - Protein Titans 2

When a video game company tries to buy an old algorithm from Velma and convince her to work for them in San Francisco, the gang becomes embroiled in the mystery of a video game villain who has seemingly come to life, the Ghost Chef.


Episode 23 - World of Witchcraft

The gang goes to Salem, Massachusetts for a historical festival, only to discover history repeating itself as a demon has been set loose on the town, summoned by a witch as revenge for the infamous 17th Century Salem Witch Trials.


Episode 24 - Professor Huh? Part 1

Fred and the gang are called in to help with a mystery involving a figure from Fred's past, Professor Huh? Fred discovers Rose, with whom he learned mystery solving until they had a falling out, has also arrived with her gang.


Episode 25 - Professor Huh? Part 6 3/4

Fred and the gang are called in to help with a mystery involving a figure from Fred's past, Professor Huh? Fred discovers Rose, with whom he learned mystery solving until they had a falling out, has also arrived with her gang.


Episode 26 - Pizza O'Possum's / The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty

Pizza O'Possum's - an animatronic possum that becomes possessed and runs amok in Shaggy's favorite childhood Video Arcade. The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty - Fred comes face to face with his longstanding nemesis Captain Cutler who seems to have turned over new leaf as a restaurateur but is plagued by a ghostly pirate.


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