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Episode 1 - Episode 1

Miss Postern and Mr Church's relationship has taken a downward turn after a mix-up over a local Bella Italia, Mr Gunn is now teaching geography and Mr Barber's got a new job as the school caretaker. When Miss Postern sets up a careers workshop, it seems her slogan 'Which way now?' applies as much to her as it does her pupils, not least because the guest speaker is her old teacher training colleague (and now best-selling children's author) Fenella Forbes (Morgana Robinson). But things are looking up for Mr Martin as he sets about launching a pop career.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

It's Miss Postern's birthday - but unfortunately it seems she's the only member of staff who's remembered. However, her spirits are raised by the arrival of new geography teacher, the dashing Dr Dalton. The news doesn't go down well with Mr Gunn, especially as he's just splashed out on a flashy new motor. Mr Church isn't overjoyed either, as the last thing he needs is another rival for Miss Postern's affections, so he sets about finding her a present that will leave his rivals in ruins.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

Mr Gunn views the impending parents evening at Greybridge in a new light when he discovers that one of his pupils may well be his son. Elsewhere, Miss Postern is struggling to stop everyone eyeing her cleavage and Miss Baron is trying to dodge the event altogether, as are most people – it’s the night of The Great British Bake Off final.


Episode 4 - Episode 4

When Ofsted arrive to conduct an impromptu inspection, Greybridge School is thrown into even more chaos than usual. Not only does the inspectors' presence seriously mess with Miss Baron's enjoyment of her confiscated bag of marijuana, it also spreads panic throughout the teaching staff as they worry about their futures. Cheating at basketball, word association, fiendishly tight costumes and lots and lots of bribery - when it comes to hanging onto their jobs, there's nothing the Greybridge staff won't resort to.


Episode 5 - Episode 5

Death comes to Greybridge when a popular member of staff goes to meet his maker. Unfortunately, getting him to his maker proves a difficult task.. Meanwhile, when a disabled pupil starts at the school, Miss Postern's 'Stand Up to Bullies' campaign seems to have found its perfect poster boy - however, things aren't quite as simple as that and, as Miss Postern and Mr Martin soon discover, sometimes not even rap therapy can solve the world's problems.


Episode 6 - Episode 6

Unnatural disaster strikes Miss Postern's classroom when Mr Barber spends the night there, but fortunately Mr Church is more than happy to come to her aid. With Barber now homeless, it falls on the reluctant Mr Gunn to put a roof over his head, but how will his mum react to her new houseguest? Mr Church and Miss Postern discover that sharing with each other doesn't come naturally to either of them, while Mr Gunn learns that sometimes people can share way, way too much.



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