Donal MacIntyre Unsolved Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Daniel Entwistle

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Daniel Entwistle vanished from his hometown of Great Yarmouth, and has never been found. Now, new evidence has emerged.


Episode 2 - Alan Wood

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Alan Wood was tortured at his home and his bankcards were stolen and used. Why was the most disturbing crime in Lincolnshire history committed?


Episode 3 - Natalie Pearman

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. In 1992, a lorry driver discovered Natalie Jane Pearman's body. Forensic swabs taken from her body could never be matched to a suspect.


Episode 4 - Annie McCarrick

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Annie McCarrick vanished in 1993 after being seen with an unidentified man. She has never been found, despite the police's attempts to find her.


Episode 5 - Barry Rubery

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Barry Rubery returned home in 2010 after an evening out. The next day, he was found with fatal head injuries, face down in a pool of blood.


Episode 6 - Claudia Lawrence

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Claudia Lawrence was reported missing in 2009. She has not been heard from since. No body has been found, and no one has been brought to trial.


Episode 7 - Valerie Graves

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Valerie Graves was murdered with a claw hammer whilst house-sitting a £1.6 million property. Police do not believe that Valerie knew her killer.


Episode 8 - Trevor Deely

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. When Trevor Deely vanished from the streets of Dublin in 2000, a high-profile search and publicity campaign ensued, but no trace was ever found.


Episode 9 - Penny Bell

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Penny Bell was stabbed 50 times. Nobody has ever been convicted. She had withdrawn £8,500 from her bank the day before, which was never found.



Season 1

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