Earth at Night in Colour Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Elephant Plains

A family of African elephants leverage the cool night to journey in search of water—but the darkness leaves them unexpectedly vulnerable


Episode 2 - Puma Mountain

A young puma coming of age in the Patagonian mountains must learn to survive on her own after her mother leaves to start a new family.


Episode 3 - Kangaroo Valley

Trying to survive the Australian night, a family of kangaroos evade a pack of hungry dingoes hunting them in the darkness.


Episode 4 - Coral Reef

As night descends, the coral reef world transforms. A dazzling realm of hidden hunters and natural wonders emerge from the dark.


Episode 5 - Seal Coast

On Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, a seal pup left home alone must outwit jackals and hyena ambushes to survive the night.


Episode 6 - Polar Bear Winter

A mother polar bear must lead her cubs through one of the year’s coldest, longest nights at the onset of arctic winter.



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