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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 101

Eight sexy singles are invited to a dreamy beach where they hope to find love. But there’s a twist, and their dream holiday is ruined as their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends turn up, one by one. Some want revenge, and some want to rekindle. But what our singles never know is whose Ex is next?


Episode 2 - 102

A dream holiday where eight singles are looking for love, continues to be destroyed as the group’s exes continue to turn up on the beach one by one. Vicky continues her romance with Ross, Marco’s Ex Frankie discovers she has a rival for his attention. And Ash and Chloe are in for a shocking surprise as the next Ex turns up at the beach.


Episode 3 - 103

A fourth Ex arrives at the beach to cause further trouble for our singles. Ross feels Chloe’s wrath as his relationship with Vicky advances. Talitha and Ash hit the rocks while Marco and Frankie reach breaking point over Emily.


Episode 4 - 104

The fifth Ex arrives at the beach to surprise Vicky and Ross. Things look increasingly bad for Talitha and there’s a shock departure which leaves everyone panicking over whose Ex is next?


Episode 5 - 105

Ash couldn’t be more shocked by the arrival of the sixth Ex at the beach. Emily and Liam go on the date from Hell. Farah falls in love and Talitha is rocked as a long kept secret threatens to come out and ruin her relationship with Ash forever.


Episode 6 - 106

All hell breaks out at the beach as our quagmire of Exes keeps growing. Ross tells his Ex, Chloe that he’d like to give things another go. Jack tries it on with Emily, Farah gets possessive over her man. Ash’s world changes when Joss reveals his secret kiss with Talitha. And of course another Ex turns up at the beach and this time it’s complicated.


Episode 7 - 107

Ash and Talitha split and he wastes no time in hooking up with Chloe. Shelby and Ross get ever closer as they spend the night in a cemetery. Liam’s stirring hits the big time and Vicky has the Ex arrival that she’s been dreading as it all kicks off on the beach.


Episode 8 - 108

With the arrival of Vicky’s second Ex, Ricci still causing shockwaves, a massive divide forms in the group. And with time on the beach running out the group fears another explosive arrival. Two relationships show promise, Ash loses it with Liam with dire consequences, Dan threatens to lose it with Ricci, and Ricci and Vicky attempt some form of closure with little success.


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