Ex On the Beach Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 201

8 sexy singles arrive at mystery beach for a fun dating show; they find out when they arrive it’s actually ‘Ex on the Beach!!’ They are all worried but soon forget as flirting takes priority. Immediately there are attractions between Kayleigh and Rogan and Anita and Rogan.


Episode 2 - 202

Megan’s arrival causes drama in the house as Melissa tries to work out if she has a love rival and is not willing to give up her new relationship with Connor. The girls do not see eye to eye. Melissa is sent on a date with Morgan and she takes the opportunity to make Connor jealous!


Episode 3 - 203

Kayleigh and Adam officially call it quits, she is distraught but HOW will she react when best friend in the Villa tells her about the drunken kiss she had with him. Loren is afraid to tell Kayliegh about the kiss and seeks advice from the other girls.


Episode 4 - 204

Rogan wakes up with Emily to Jess’ disdain. Jess has realised that Rogan can’t control himself when it comes to girls and has vowed off him. They are sent on a date and Rogan attempts to win back Jess’ trust and even opens his heart to her. She begins to warm to him again. But can she really trust him?


Episode 5 - 205

Anita’s ex has arrived and her emotions are all over the place now that she has slept with Rogan and is hooking up with Gaz. Gaz, Rogan and Loren are sent to the beach for the arrival of a very special ex of someone’s.


Episode 6 - 206

Jess finds out that Rogan has been unable to keep his tongue in his own mouth. A big three way fight ensues and Morgan must decide where his loyalties lie, posing the tough decision, best friend or girlfriend?


Episode 7 - 207

With tensions high, it’s time to send two feuding girls on a date; Kayleigh and Charlotte are sent on a capoeira date. Kayleigh is not best pleased with Charlotte so far and warns Charlotte off Adam.


Episode 8 - 208

It's the last day and despite all the drama and anxiety some people have made it through. One of the biggest romances of the house is sent on a date- Rogan and Morgan.


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