Fraggle Rock Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Wembley's Egg

When a giant egg from the Gorgs’ garden lands in the middle of Fraggle Rock, Wembley decides to hatch it.


Episode 2 - Boober Rock

Tired of all the noise and activity of Fraggle Rock, Boober runs away to find peace and quiet.


Episode 3 - The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Tired of all the noise and activity of Fraggle Rock, Boober runs away to find peace and quiet.


Episode 4 - Red's Sea Monster

No one believes Red when she discovers a giant sea monster living in Fraggle Rock.


Episode 5 - Uncle Matt Comes Home

Uncle Travelling Matt returns from Outer Space to spend time with his nephew, Gobo.


Episode 6 - Boober's Dream

A dream about a strange Fraggle named Sidebottom turns out to be more than just a dream.


Episode 7 - Mokey and the Minstrels

When the Minstrels return to Fraggle Rock, Mokey leaves her friends to join them.


Episode 8 - All Work and All Play

Cotterpin Doozer decides she’d rather be a Fraggle like Red than spend the rest of her life building with the Doozers.


Episode 9 - Sir Hubris and the Gorgs

The Fraggles play a trick on the Gorgs that works perfectly before it backfires.


Episode 10 - A Friend in Need

Gobo helps Sprocket when he gets stuck in the hole between Doc’s workshop and Fraggle Rock.


Episode 11 - The Wizard of Fraggle Rock

Wembley is convinced to switch places with the Wizard and has a great time—until a Poison Cackler enters the picture.


Episode 12 - The Doozer Contest

An argument between Flange and Modem escalates into a Doozer duel and causes a crisis in Fraggle Rock.


Episode 13 - Red's Club

Red decides to start a club of her own, but the only member she can recruit is Cotterpin Doozer.


Episode 14 - The Secret of Convincing John

Wembley suddenly becomes the most decisive Fraggle in the world after meeting Convincing John.


Episode 15 - Manny's Land of Carpets

When a transistor radio appears, the Fraggles decide to pack up and move to the promised land—a carpet store.


Episode 16 - Junior Sells the Farm

A fast-talking salesman offers Junior Gorg the mythical Peas of Power in exchange for the family castle.


Episode 17 - Fraggle Wars

Mokey discovers another tribe of Fraggles who live in a far corner of Fraggle Rock.


Episode 18 - The Day the Music Died

Gobo is writing a song commemorating Uncle Travelling Matt when the light suddenly disappears in Fraggle Rock.


Episode 19 - Doomsday Soup

Boober invents a soup that can make Fraggles invisible—but it can also blow up Fraggle Rock.


Episode 20 - A Cave of One's Own

Red and Mokey decide to share a cave, but they get into the worst fight of their lives during a cave-warming party.


Episode 21 - Wembley and the Great Race

Gobo and Wembley’s friendship is strained to the breaking point when they find themselves competing against each other.


Episode 22 - Doozer Is As Doozer Does

Wrench Doozer meets strong peer pressure when the other Doozers in his team start "flooping".


Episode 23 - Boober's Quiet Day

Boober’s plan to enjoy a quiet day is undermined when his alter ego Sidebottom shows up.


Episode 24 - Invasion of the Toe Ticklers

When the furry little Toe Ticklers come to Fraggle Rock, Mokey wants them to stay so that the Fraggles can be tickled forever.


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