Fraggle Rock Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Red Handed and the Invisible Thief

Red’s beloved radish bars keep getting stolen, and her investigations indicate that the thief might be her best friend.


Episode 2 - Boober and the Glob

When the Glob arrives in Fraggle Rock, Boober thinks it’s dangerous. No one agrees with him except for Cotterpin.


Episode 3 - The Grapes of Generosity

Gobo finds the magical Grapes of Generosity and keeps them all to himself. Then he learns the terrible consequences of not sharing them.


Episode 4 - Blanket of Snow, Blanket of Woe

Mokey forgets to cover Marjory the Trash Heap during a heavy snow and the beloved oracle freezes solid.


Episode 5 - Pebble Pox Blues

Boober must overcome great danger to reach the Cave of Shadows, where he can gather medicinal plants needed by his sick friends.


Episode 6 - Home is Where the Trash Is

After an argument with Marjory the Trash Heap, Philo and Gunge decide to finally go home—except they have no idea where that is.


Episode 7 - Believe It Or Not

Red and Wembley discover a creature who becomes whatever you believe he is. Ma Gorg believes he’s a castle basement monster.


Episode 8 - Wembley and the Mean Genie

When Wembley lets a magic genie out of a bottle, it runs wild throughout Fraggle Rock.


Episode 9 - The Secret Society of Poohbahs

Mokey is asked to join the Secret Society of Poohbahs. She immediately breaks the first rule and must go on trial.


Episode 10 - The Beanbarrow, the Burden and the Bright Bouquet

Red and Lanford are unwilling partners in a cross-cave race when they get trapped by deadly Clinging Creepers.


Episode 11 - Gobo's School for Explorers

Gobo teaches his friends the rules of exploring—and then leads them to a very dangerous place.


Episode 12 - Scared Silly

Wembley wants revenge for Boober scaring him, but he becomes terrified when his plan backfires.


Episode 13 - The Great Radish Caper

Mokey leads Junior Gorg on a fake quest while the Fraggles steal his prize radish, with unexpected results.


Episode 14 - Born to Wander

The Storyteller Fraggle narrates an amazing tale about Uncle Matt as a young boy longing to become an explorer.


Episode 15 - The Battle of Leaking Roof

With a big storm brewing, Pa Gorg wants to fix a hole in the roof without his wife learning that he’s afraid of heights.


Episode 16 - Playing Till It Hurts

When Red learns that her idol, Rock Hockey Hannah, is coming to see her play rock hockey, she starts to practice so she’ll be in top form.


Episode 17 - Bored Stiff

Gobo picks a bad day to lead an expedition into the Gorgs’ garden—they just discovered a new way to get rid of Fraggles.


Episode 18 - Cavern of Lost Dreams

Cotterpin convinces Gobo to join her on a quest to find the original cave of the Doozers.


Episode 19 - The Incredible Shrinking Mokey

While putting on a puppet show, Mokey meets a weird and demanding creature named Begoony, who desperately wants her to take care of him.


Episode 20 - A Dark and Stormy Night

After discovering the Gorgs’ castle is haunted, the Fraggles and Junior Gorg must work together to capture the ghost.


Episode 21 - Gunge, the Great and Glorious

When the Doozers hail Gunge as their king, he finds that having fame and power could cost him his best friend.


Episode 22 - The Bells of Fraggle Rock

Gobo finds Fraggle Rock’s Christmas tradition of reawakening the Great Bell unbelievable.


Episode 23 - Sprocket's Big Adventure

After Doc pulls up the floorboards in the workshop, Sprocket enters Fraggle Rock.


Episode 24 - Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water

Wembley uses his acute hearing to detect delicious Whoopie Water, but removing the water puts everyone at risk.


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