Fraggle Rock Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sidebottom Blues

Boober lets Sidebottom take over as Dr. Fun and lead the Fraggles as they play games in the Gorgs’ fields.


Episode 2 - Uncle Matt's Discovery

When he returns from Outer Space, Uncle Matt embarrasses himself in front of Gobo and his friends, but then he makes an incredible discovery.


Episode 3 - Junior Faces the Music

On the night of the Blue Moon, Junior Gorg is summoned by a mysterious figure to play the Royal Kazoo in a high-stakes challenge.


Episode 4 - The Perfect Blue Rollie

Boober believes his life is complete when he’s given a rare and legendary gift, but he soon learns that gifts are meant to be shared.


Episode 5 - A Tune for Two

Everyone is dumbfounded by Wembley’s singing partner choice for the annual Duet-a-thon contest.


Episode 6 - A Brush With Jealousy

Mokey acquires a powerful but dangerous paintbrush to prove she’s better than the new artist in Fraggle Rock.


Episode 7 - Wembley's Flight

Feeling unhappy that he never gets to show off in front of his friends, Wembley meets a magical creature that gives him the ability to fly.


Episode 8 - Wonder Mountain

Mokey plans a solo trip to Wonder Mountain, but Red decides to follow her because she doesn’t think Mokey can take care of herself.


Episode 9 - Red's Blue Dragon

Red follows Uncle Travelling Matt into Outer Space and finds a world just like her imaginary one—including a fire-breathing blue dragon.


Episode 10 - Space Frog Follies

As a birthday gift for Gobo, Wembley tries to recapture a frog that Uncle Travelling Matt brought from Outer Space.


Episode 11 - Boober Gorg

After being hit on the head by an exploding radish, Boober thinks he’s a Gorg and captures the other Fraggles.


Episode 12 - Mirror, Mirror

When Mavis the magic mirror befriends Ma Gorg, Red brings her back with disastrous results.


Episode 13 - The Riddle of Rhyming Rock

Everything goes wrong when Gobo incorrectly uses a riddle-solving spell, leaving Wembley trapped under a rock.


Episode 14 - The Voice Inside

Gobo fails to heed a warning from his inner voice saying that he, Sprocket, and Wrench might be in danger.


Episode 15 - The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer

If she wants to keep her job, Cotterpin must convince the Doozers that Fraggles are noble, intelligent creatures worthy of their friendship.


Episode 16 - The River of Life

Doc allows engineers to test a waste disposal technique that pollutes the water supply in Fraggle Rock and spreads sickness.


Episode 17 - Beyond the Pond

Red starts behaving strangely after she uses Boober’s kohlrabi juice to poison the Knobblies that grow in the Fraggle Pond.


Episode 18 - Gone, But Not Forgotten

Wembley befriends a rare Mudbunny and gains insight into life’s greatest mystery.


Episode 19 - Mokey, Then and Now

When Mokey, Wembley, and Boober reenact an ancient ceremony in the Sacred Cave, they are mysteriously transported back in time.


Episode 20 - Ring Around the Rock

Gobo helps Junior search for the lost Gorg wedding ring, which his parents need to renew their vows.


Episode 21 - Inspector Red

Red turns into a detective to identify the Fraggle who stole the Fraggle Horn, finding plenty of suspects but no conclusions.


Episode 22 - The Gorg Who Would Be King

When Junior Gorg sabotages his coronation as the new king, he’s shrunken down to Fraggle size to learn about the universe they rule.


Episode 23 - The Honk of Honks

Gobo is chosen for the job of finding—and honking—the Honk of Honks so that the Song of Songs can begin.


Episode 24 - Change of Address

Having finally met, Gobo and Doc want to get to know each other—except Doc and Sprocket are moving away.


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