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Episode 1 - Awakening, Part 1

Goliath and his clan of gargoyles defend a medieval castle at night in 994 A.D Scotland. Goliath is tricked by the humans and discovers his entire clan has been destroyed.


Episode 2 - Awakening, Part 2

The remaining gargoyles are cursed to sleep for 1000 years. David Xanatos buys and moves the castle to New York City, the gargoyles are awakened and the castle is attacked.


Episode 3 - Awakening, Part 3

Elisa discovers Goliath when he rescues her. Xanatos asks the gargoyles to get his stolen property back but Goliath is reluctant. The other gargoyles explore their new home.


Episode 4 - Awakening, Part 4

Elisa and Goliath escape a second commando attack. Xanatos reunites the gargoyles with Demona. Goliath and the gargoyles split up to recover Xanatos' stolen computer disks.


Episode 5 - Awakening, Part 5

The gargoyles recover the missing disks and hand them over to Xanatos. Elisa informs them the attacks were staged by Xanatos to complete his Steel Clan, a form of gargoyle robots.


Episode 6 - The Thrill Of The Hunt

With the help of his assistant Owen Burnett, Xanatos decides to test the gargoyles against the Pack, a group of television heroes who are also highly trained mercenaries.


Episode 7 - Temptation

Demona convinces Brooklyn that humans and gargoyles can never be friends. She tells Brooklyn the only way to convince Goliath is with a magic spell, which she uses to enslave him.


Episode 8 - Deadly Force

A mobster, hijacks a shipment of laser weapons and Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa, sending her to the hospital. Goliath and Broadway find the missing weapons and destroy them.


Episode 9 - Enter Macbeth

Xanatos wants the gargoyles out of his castle. He hires Macbeth who has an ancient grudge against Demona. Elisa finds them a new home in the Clock Tower above the precinct.


Episode 10 - The Edge

Xanatos wreaks havoc against the people of Manhattan in an armored gargoyle suit. The public believes that the robots are causing trouble and that the real gargoyles are a myth.


Episode 11 - Long Way To Morning

When Demona wounds Goliath, Hudson must protect him until sunrise. Realizing he is past his prime, Hudson fears that he can't protect Goliath. Will the two make it to the morning?


Episode 12 - Her Brother's Keeper

Elisa's brother, Derek, takes a job from Xanatos against his sister's wishes. Meanwhile, Xanatos is being hunted by Jackal and Hyena of the Pack which puts Derek in danger as well.


Episode 13 - Reawakening

Demona and Xanatos team up to create Coldstone: a monster brought to life from the stone remains of long dead gargoyles. Goliath's sense of purpose is reawakened.



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