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Episode 1 - Leader Of The Pack

When Xanatos breaks the Pack out of prison they join forces to get revenge on the gargoyles. Lexington is ready to get his revenge on the Pack for betraying him.


Episode 2 - Metamorphosis

Elisa's brother Derek and others are transformed into genetic mutations. Xanatos convinces them the gargoyles killed the doctor with the cure, pitting the two against each other.


Episode 3 - Legion

Coldstone has revived and four personalities are battling from supremacy inside his head. Goliath uses technology to journey inside Coldstone's brain to help him defeat Xanatos.


Episode 4 - A Lighthouse In The Sea Of Time

Macbeth steals one of the recently discovered Scrolls of Merlin and takes Broadway prisoner in the process. Hudson has the other scroll hiding at the home of a blind author.


Episode 5 - The Mirror

Demona summons Puck to do her magical bidding, forcing him to eradicate all the world's humans. The humans are turned into gargoyles and the gargoyles are turned into humans!


Episode 6 - The Silver Falcon

While investigating the Illuminati Society, Elisa's partner has disappeared. She stumbles across a seventy year search for stolen jewels involving Dominic and Anthony Dracon.


Episode 7 - Eye Of The Beholder

Xanatos proposes to Fox giving her the Eye of Odin as an engagement gift and the Eye transforms Fox into a werewolf. Xanatos needs Goliath's help to catch her and remove the Eye.


Episode 8 - Vows

Goliath is the best man at Xanatos and Fox's wedding. On the verge of reconciliation, Goliath gives Demona his half of the Phoenix Gate which she uses to travel back in time.


Episode 9 - City Of Stone, Part 1

Demona tricks Xanatos into helping her broadcast a spell which turns every human in Manhattan into stone. In a flashback, we learn how Demona managed to survive the Wyvern Massacre.


Episode 10 - City Of Stone, Part 2

Xanatos and Goliath team up to stop Demona from destroying human "statues" and save the city. The truth is revealed about the Hunter, Macbeth and Demona in a flashback.


Episode 11 - City Of Stone, Part 3

The humans wake up at sunrise. Xanatos, the Steel Clan and the gargoyles prepare to break Demona's spell. We learn that Demona and Macbeth struck a deal many years ago.


Episode 12 - City Of Stone, Part 4

In a flashback, Demona betrays Macbeth and discovers they are both magically linked to each other. In the present, Demona and Macbeth battle, while Goliath breaks Demona's spell.


Episode 13 - High Noon

Demona and Macbeth steal Coldstone from the Clock Tower and reactivate him. Coldstone's multiple personalities battle for control of their body.


Episode 14 - Outfoxed

Cyberbiotics launches the airship Fortress-Two. Goliath follows the ship to safeguard it. He is captured and must work together with Renard to save the ship from Fox's destruction.


Episode 15 - The Price

Xanatos kidnaps Hudson to use as a guinea pig for the Cauldron of Life, a magical vessel said to give immortality to those who bathe in it.


Episode 16 - Revelations

Matt's obsession with the Illuminati leads him to Mace, an alleged member who disappeared decades ago. Mace offers Matt membership under one condition - to bring him a gargoyle.


Episode 17 - Double Jeopardy

Xanatos and Sevarius create the clone Thailog from a sample of Goliath's tissue. Thailog turns the tables and uses Secavarius to trick Xanatos out of twenty million dollars.


Episode 18 - Upgrade

Goliath is injured and must choose a second-in-command. Meanwhile, the Pack undergoes upgrades and captures Goliath, Hudson, Bronx and Elisa. Brooklyn leads the Trio against the Pack.


Episode 19 - Protection

Elisa poses as a dirty cop to bust up Anthony Dracon's protection racket.


Episode 20 - The Cage

Goliath kidnaps Sevarius in order to force him to cure Derek Maza and the Mutates. Derek believes that Goliath and Sevarius are partners and swears vengeance on both of them.


Episode 21 - Avalon, Part 1

A mysterious man in armor arrives in Manhattan searching for Goliath. Tom, from Castle Wyvern, known as the Guardian seeks Goliath's help in defending the castle and gargoyle eggs.


Episode 22 - Avalon, Part 2

Goliath, Elisa and Bronx arrive on Avalon and meet Angela and the other former gargoyle eggs. The Archmage steals the Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate and the Gimorum Arcanorum.


Episode 23 - Avalon, Part 3

The Archmage, the Weird Sisters, Demona and Macbeth face Goliath, Elisa, Angela, Gabriel the Guardian, Princess Katharine and King Arthur in the final battle to save Avalon.


Episode 24 - Shadows Of The Past

Avalon deposits Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx in the waters below Wyvern Hill. During a storm they take shelter in Archmage's secret cave where Goliath starts to hear voices.


Episode 25 - Heritage

Goliath, Angela and Bronx search for Elisa on an island after their skiff is capsized. Natsilane, a native of the island, finds Elisa and battles the trickster Raven.


Episode 26 - Monsters

Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx save the Loch Ness monster from the evil Dr. Sevarius' genetic experiments. In the process, Angela learns that Goliath is her biological father.


Episode 27 - Golem

Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx find themselves in Prague, where they battle Tomas Brod and Halcyon Renard. Brod wants to take over Prague; Renard wants to take over the Golem.


Episode 28 - Sanctuary

Demona disguised as Dominique marries Macbeth to gain his fortune for Thailog. Thailog's plan is that they kill each other. Angela learns that Demona is her biological mother.


Episode 29 - M.I.A.

Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx discover gargoyles living in London. Leo and Una have a grudge against Goliath, claiming he's responsible for the death of their friend, Griff.


Episode 30 - Grief

In an attempt to gain immortality, Xanatos sends the Pack to Egypt to help the Emir summon Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead.


Episode 31 - Kingdom

The gargoyles enlist Talon in their search for Goliath, Bronx and Elisa. Both Brooklyn and Talon are having a difficult time assuming the leadership of their clans.


Episode 32 - The Hound Of Ulster

An Irish lad comes head-to-head with Bronx, whom he mistakes for the Hound of Ulster. Bronx is looking for Goliath, Elisa and Angela, who have been captured by a Banshee.


Episode 33 - Walkabout

A nanotech experiment, Matrix, has broken free and threatens to change the world. Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx discover this as they meet Dingo.


Episode 34 - Mark Of The Panther

In Nigeria, Elisa encounters her mother, Diane Maza, participating in a tribal ceremony honoring the fabled Panther Queen. The ritual is interrupted by Tea Gora and two poachers.


Episode 35 - Sentinel

Elisa is taken prisoner by Nokkar, an alien sentinel sent to guard Earth. Nokkar mistakenly believes that the gargoyles are hostile alien invaders and tries to destroy them.


Episode 36 - Pendragon

King Arthur's search for Excalibur leads him to London where he meets Griff; then to Manhattan where he and the gargoyles battle Macbeth and a dragon for possession of the sword.


Episode 37 - Eye Of The Storm

Odin's attempts to reclaim the Eye of Odin are foiled when Goliath puts it on and is transformed. Angela is nearly killed and Goliath returns the Eye to its rightful owner.


Episode 38 - The New Olympians

Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx land on New Olympus, an island populated by the descendants of Greek gods.


Episode 39 - The Green

In Guatemala, Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx help the Mayan gargoyles defeat Jackal and Hyena to protect a rain forest from a Cyberbiotics construction project.


Episode 40 - Bushido

Taro and Yama, human and gargoyle co-conspirators capture the gargoyles. Elisa must rescue them from Taro's gargoyle theme park before they are revealed to the world.


Episode 41 - Cloud Fathers

Xanatos, in another bid for immortality, catches the trickster Coyote. Peter Maza comes to terms with his past and helps Goliath, Elisa, Bronx and Beth Maza defeat Xanatos.


Episode 42 - Ill Met By Moonlight

Goliath, Elisa, Angela, Princess Katharine, the Guardian and Gabriel must defend themselves against Oberon, who has returned to Avalon to reclaim his island.


Episode 43 - Future Tense

Puck creates the illusion of a Xanatos-controlled Manhattan to get the Phoenix Gate. Goliath sends the Phoenix Gate unguided through time, where it will be lost forever.


Episode 44 - The Gathering, Part 1

Xanatos must prevent Oberon from taking his newborn baby Alexander to Avalon. The gargoyles and Elisa are finally reunited with Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington.


Episode 45 - The Gathering, Part 2

Goliath and his clan help Xanatos protect his son Alexander from Oberon, who wants to take him to Avalon to preserve the baby's magic powers.


Episode 46 - Vendettas

The ghost of Hakon possesses Wolf's body to get revenge on Goliath and Hudson. Goliath is stalked by a mysterious human named Vinnie, who is armed with a huge, strange weapon.


Episode 47 - Turf

Czech gangster Tomas Brod moves in on Anthony Dracon's New York City turf. Elisa goes undercover in Brod's organization to bust both gangs before one takes over the entire city.


Episode 48 - The Reckoning

Thailog creates clones of the gargoyles and a hybrid clone of Elisa and Demona. The gargoyles and their clones battle on Coney Island. Demona proves she is capable of good.


Episode 49 - Possession

As a thank-you to Goliath for saving his son, Xanatos creates Coldsteel and Goldfire to house two of Coldstone's personalities.


Episode 50 - Hunter's Moon, Part 1

Elisa and her temporary new partner investigate a theft at Xanatos' warehouse. Goliath, Angela and Hudson discover three masked Hunters breaking into another warehouse.


Episode 51 - Hunter's Moon, Part 2

Demona, Goliath and their clan are targeted by the descendants of her ancient enemies, the Hunters. Soon all concerned are bent on extracting revenge.


Episode 52 - Hunter's Moon, Part 3

It's the Hunters versus the gargoyles in a final conflict, with Demona in the middle still determined to exterminate humanity.



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