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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Chapter 53

Francis (Kevin Spacey) diverts attention from a congressional investigation into his political misdeeds with his most audacious declaration ever.


Episode 2 - Chapter 54

An opportunity to exploit the dark side of the digital frontier gives Francis (Kevin Spacey) a chance to influence swing state voter turnout.


Episode 3 - Chapter 55

Election Day worries push Francis (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) to the edge of their terror campaign and their marriage.


Episode 4 - Chapter 56

With his chances of re-election slipping away, Francis (Kevin Spacey) embraces a dangerous gamble to create doubt about the election's outcome.


Episode 5 - Chapter 57

With the fate of the presidency in Congress' hands, Francis (Kevin Spacey) steps into a familiar role, whipping votes while Claire (Robin Wright) is forced to reexamine her own ambitions.


Episode 6 - Chapter 58

While Francis (Kevin Spacey) learns of a new coalition forming against him from within his own party, Claire (Robin Wright) faces her first crisis in a new role.


Episode 7 - Chapter 59

As the Underwoods fight to remain in the White House, a terrorist threat endangers DC, straining the balance of power between Francis and Claire.


Episode 8 - Chapter 60

An elite gathering in the woods and an international incident provide the Underwoods with a chance to rise above their nature.


Episode 9 - Chapter 61

It's a hollow victory as the strange bedfellows Francis and Claire have made along the way begin to sow mistrust in their inner circle.


Episode 10 - Chapter 62

Francis and Claire test their new team's loyalty as the past comes home to roost in the Underwood administration.


Episode 11 - Chapter 63

Alarming leaks from the White House cause Francis (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) to take drastic measures, even against those in their trusted inner circle.


Episode 12 - Chapter 64

Francis' (Kevin Spacey) almost certain political downfall forces Claire (Robin Wright) to pay the ultimate personal cost to remain in the White House.


Episode 13 - Chapter 65

Loyalties strain as Francis (Kevin Spacey) and Claire (Robin Wright) negotiate the terms of their future together, and, most terrifying, apart.


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