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Episode 1 - Acceptance

When Death Row inmate Clarence (guest star LL Cool J) mysteriously and suddenly collapses after hallucinating, House jumps at the chance to take the case for its difficulty and because it’s "cool." Dr. Cameron refuses to treat the patient in protest and feels they should treat a cancer patient because she’s more deserving, raising the question: is one life more important than another?


Episode 2 - Autopsy

Andie, a 9-year-old terminal cancer patient, is brought in after suffering from a hallucinogenic episode. Wilson convinces House to take the case, but he and his team struggle to diagnose what caused the hallucination. Andie handles the reality of her terminal medical situation remarkably well, so well that House questions the sincerity of her bravery and considers the possibility it may be a medical symptom. Meanwhile, Andie's request to experience one of life's great "firsts" forces Dr. Chase to make a difficult personal decision. House has an idea of what's causing Andie's medical emergency, but puts the decision in her hands as to whether to take on an extremely risky experimental treatment, one that may end her life even sooner than her terminal illness.


Episode 3 - Humpty Dumpty

When Cuddy's handyman Alfredo, a young Latino and the sole provider for his family, falls from her roof and develops strange darkened pinkies, Cuddy joins the team in trying to figure out what's wrong with him. Despite everything the team tries, the whole hand becomes infected. As Cuddy struggles with worry and guilt, House and his team are forced to amputate Alfredo's hand so they have more time to diagnose the illness before it kills the patient. However, when Alfredo's other hand starts showing the same symptoms, the doctors look outside the hospital for answers. A trip to the young man's neighborhood helps them understand Alfredo's desire for a better life for his family, and provides a clue as to what might be causing his deadly illness.


Episode 4 - TB or Not TB

When Dr. Sebastian Charles (guest star Ron Livingston, "Little Black Book," "Sex and the City"), renowned physician and head of an international organization to fight the spread of tuberculosis among the poor in Africa, is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after collapsing, he immediately determines all the symptoms are from TB. Dr. House has a different opinion and requests additional tests to help determine the cause of his illness. The case begins to get media attention and Dr. Charles sees his chance to further his cause by refusing to submit to any additional tests and take necessary medication in order to gain media exposure for the inadequacies of the medical system for the poor in Africa. As House confronts his patient on live television, his medical condition deteriorates and the team takes over to try to save his life. Meanwhile, Foreman fills in for House in the clinic with disastrous results and Cameron sees eye to eye with Dr. Charles and his cause.


Episode 5 - Daddy's Boy

When recent college graduate Carnell drops at a graduation party from internal shocks, he is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. With his father Ken at his bedside, it becomes apparent the two have not been truthful with each other in their lives and their major trust issues affect how the medical team gets the information it needs to help solve Carnell's case. Carnell soon develops other symptoms, and House's team suspects it might be from a Spring Break trip out of the country, but have to dig deeper to get all the information. Meanwhile, House has his own issues with his father and is trying unsuccessfully to get out of a dinner engagement with his parents when they arrive in town.


Episode 6 - Spin

When a famous professional cyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, House doesn’t want to treat him because he thinks he’s lying about doing drugs. But when the patient is forthcoming about taking all sorts of performance enhancers and blood-doping drugs, House is definitely intrigued. Cameron is upset the patient is a hero to kids when he is clearly cheating at his sport. She struggles with the ethical dilemma of patient confidentiality and considers going to the media. Meanwhile, House tries to disrupt Stacy and Mark’s relationship by attending a group therapy session with Mark.


Episode 7 - Hunting

Kalvin, a gay man with full-blown AIDS, confronts House in front of his home, demands that House figure out what's causing his illness, besides HIV or AIDS, and collapses at his feet. When Kalvin claims that House assaulted him, Cuddy tells House to give Stacy the facts. House meets with Stacy at her home, armed with some unethically-garnered personal information about her, and he and Stacy share close quarters when he tries to help her exterminate a mouse from her attic, to the chagrin of her temporarily handicapped husband, Mark. During an exam, Kalvin accidentally coughs HIV-positive blood onto Cameron's face, and she is forced to confront the possibility that her life may be changed forever. When House discovers Kalvin's father is suffering from unique symptoms of his own, he must figure out if they are connected and solve the puzzle to save both father and son.


Episode 8 - The Mistake

Kayla, mother of two young girls, doubles over with stomach pain during her children's talent show and is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Six months later, Dr. Chase and Dr. House are being counseled by Stacy in preparation for a disciplinary hearing aimed at determining if either Chase or House made a mistake that ultimately led to Kayla's death and her family's subsequent lawsuit. Reliving the details of Kayla's case in contradictory flashbacks, Stacy discovers Chase is holding something back about the details of his medical care. Meanwhile, House holds an important piece of information about Chase that may affect the hearing's outcome, but it's up to the disciplinary committee to determine if either doctor is at fault and what the professional repercussions may be for House and Chase.


Episode 9 - Deception

Off-track betting gambler Anica (guest star Cynthia Nixon) collapses in front of House while they're both following horse races at the site. Confused by her symptoms and what he witnessed after she collapsed, he instructs medics to take her to Princeton Plainsboro and takes her case. After the team discovers she's been seeing a number of doctors for a variety of supposed illnesses, everyone but House thinks it's Munchausen's, a disease that causes people to fake symptoms for the medical attention. House butts heads over Anica's medical care with his former team member and current supervisor Dr. Foreman. Standing by the Munchausen's diagnosis, Foreman sends Anica home over House's objections. Convinced she is legitimately ill, House draws a confession out of Anica that may save her life.


Episode 10 - Failure to Communicate

Journalist Fletcher Stone (guest star Michael O’Keefe) collapses at his editor’s retirement party and hits his head on a table. When he comes to, his sentences don’t make sense, and he is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Since House and Stacy are out of town defending House’s Medicaid billings, the team struggles to solve the case on its own. Meanwhile, House and Stacy realize they still have feelings for each other, and when a storm comes through Baltimore, their return flight is cancelled and they are forced to share a hotel room together – further turning up the heat between them. Frustrated since he thinks he’s speaking normally, Fletcher tries hopelessly to communicate with Foreman, Cameron and Chase, but they can’t decipher what he’s trying to tell them. As his organs rapidly deteriorate, the team enlists House’s help to help crack the code to try to save Fletcher’s life before it’s too late.


Episode 11 - Need to Know

Margo (guest star Julie Warner), a young housewife on fertility medication, is brought to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital when her inexplicable muscle flailing causes her to crash her car. As Margo's symptoms progress, House and the team think she might have Huntington's disease but when Margo descends into paranoia, they must dig deeper to figure out the cause of her illness, and the team is once again reminded that everybody lies. Meanwhile, House and Stacy return from Baltimore with a rekindled relationship, Wilson is worried that House is setting himself up for another emotional letdown, and Cameron is refusing to get the results of her HIV test.


Episode 12 - Distractions

When a young man comes into the hospital severely burned, but with some unusual activity going on in his blood tests, House and his team have a difficult challenge. How can you diagnose a burn victim when you are unable to use your normal testing methods? The team must get very creative to figure out how to test the patient before his body shuts down. To complicate matters further, House is intent on proving that a former colleague from medical school's new migraine drug doesn't work. Determined to prove the ex-colleague wrong, House makes himself the guinea pig of his own unofficial tests, with painful results.


Episode 13 - Skin Deep

Dr. House treats a teenage supermodel for heroin addiction and, in the process, uncovers a startling secret about the girl. Meanwhile, Wilson hopes that House's increased leg pain indicates that his leg nerves are regenerating, and a male clinic patient suffers from high estrogen levels that allow him to experience his wife's pregnancy, including morning sickness and labor pains.


Episode 14 - Sex Kills

When Henry (guest star Howard Hesseman) experiences a seizure but is not aware of it while it's happening, House takes on the case. The team's differential diagnosis points to a bacterial infection, but Henry suffers a heart attack before the treatment for his infection is able to work, prompting the need for a heart transplant. Racing to find a heart donor in time to treat Henry before the infection kills him, House finds an organ donor who's been declared unfit due to a mysterious illness. He deceptively approaches the husband of the deceased woman, surreptitiously questioning him for information about his wife, when all he wants is her heart. Faced with only one option, House and the team must race against time to diagnose the dead woman's illness before they can attempt to use her heart to cure their dying patient.


Episode 15 - Clueless

House and his team take on a new patient, Bob, who comes to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after suffering from a breathing attack while role-playing in the bedroom with his wife (guest star Samantha Mathis). All the symptoms point to heavy metal poisoning, but the tests do not. Meanwhile, as the team goes through its diagnostic process, House is wreaking havoc in the clinic, telling a patient that he got a sexually transmitted disease from his wife. When the wife confronts House about it, he tricks the patient and his wife into divulging the truth. In addition, Wilson has moved in with House and things are not going too smoothly. After House and his team treat Bob for a number of things, including food allergies and lupus, with no results, House is still sure it's heavy metal poisoning. When all the usual metals turn up negative, House confronts Bob's wife as to the origin of Bob's deadly illness, and all signs point to the wife.


Episode 16 - Safe

Melinda (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg), a rebellious teenage girl who is immunocompromised as a result of medications she's taking after a heart transplant, has a severe allergic reaction and goes into shock despite living in a "clean" room. House and the team step in to figure out exactly what caused the reaction, but end up playing referee between Melinda, her overprotective mother (guest star Mel Harris) and her boyfriend.


Episode 17 - All In

It's poker night at Princeton Plainsboro when the hospital hosts an oncology benefit. A 6-year-old boy is brought in exhibiting symptoms that aren't too unusual; however, when House learns of additional specifics, he jumps on the case right away. He's seen this set of unique symptoms before, in a previous case when an elderly patient lost her life. House is convinced the boy's case is identical and that he can predict the course of the young patient's illness. Relying on Wilson to stall Cuddy at the poker table so she stays out of his way on this one, House becomes increasingly frustrated and desperate to stop the young boy's illness from progressing, in order to prevent him from suffering the same fate as the former patient.


Episode 18 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

A young woman, Hannah, hasn't been able to sleep for 10 days. She's brought in after she downed an entire bottle of sleeping pills and still didn't fall asleep. Meanwhile, Cameron accuses Foreman of stealing a medical journal article she wrote; he denies stealing it, insisting he wrote his own article about the same case and it was printed before hers was submitted. As Hannah's condition deteriorates, it becomes apparent that she will need a liver transplant to give House enough time to try to solve her case. Her girlfriend and partner, Max, is a perfect match and agrees to donate part of her liver, despite its being a very dangerous procedure. However, the team discovers vital information about Hannah and Max's relationship, forcing them into an ethical quandary that potentially eliminates Hannah's chance of survival.


Episode 19 - House vs. God

When 15-year-old faith healer, Boyd, is admitted and claims he can talk to God, House takes the case. House thinks the kid is a clever con until the boy touches one of Wilson's cancer patients and causes her cancer to go into remission. Boyd refuses surgery on his brain because he believes it will take away his healing power, but as his condition begins to deteriorate and the condition of Wilson's cancer patient improves, House and his team must confront their own feelings about faith and God. Meanwhile, tension is still in the air between Cameron and Foreman after she accused him of stealing her idea for the medical article he had published.


Episode 20 - Euphoria, Pt. 1

A police officer is admitted in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head and symptoms that include unexplained giddiness. With no explanation for the odd symptoms, House dispatches Dr. Foreman to the officer's apartment to see if he can gather any clues or possible causes. As the officer's case worsens, Foreman begins to exhibit the same early symptoms and is put in isolation with the patient until House and the team can make a diagnosis. The police officer's condition continues to deteriorate and Forman is forced to watch up-close as the officer descends into unbearable and unmanageable pain. The team races to find the cause of the illness before Foreman's condition takes the same deadly path.


Episode 21 - Euphoria, Pt. 2

The police officer is dead, and Foreman continues to experience the same dire progression of symptoms: blindness, muscle contractures and excruciating pain. Foreman realizes he very well may be facing death and tries to make amends in his life. He calls his father (guest star Charles S. Dutton), who travels to be at his son's side. House, Cameron and Chase try everything they can, including infecting him with another disease. As Foreman's body fails, the only choice left is a dangerous brain biopsy to try to confirm the cause. House thinks the solution lies back at the policeman's apartment. It comes down to a race against time, and House fights to figure out the source of Foreman's illness before Cameron has to biopsy his brain.


Episode 22 - Forever

When young mother Kara has a seizure while bathing her child, it causes the near drowning of her newborn son. Unable to determine the cause of Kara's seizures, House and the team race to find what's wrong with her while simultaneously trying to bring her infant back to life. When both mother and son develop complications, Kara's husband must make some very difficult decisions. Kara's husband learns some shocking information about his wife and struggles to deal with his newfound emotions towards her. Meanwhile, Foreman has returned to work and is struggling to regain normalcy in his life after his brain biopsy, Chase admits he needs a break and House investigates why Cuddy has asked Wilson on a date.


Episode 23 - Who's Your Daddy?

A 16-year-old female Hurricane Katrina victim suffering from hallucinations about the tragedy is brought to House by his ex-bandmate Crandall (guest star D.B. Sweeney), who tells House he recently found out she's his daughter. House takes the case despite feeling more pain than usual in his leg. He wants to run a paternity test to make sure his friend is not being scammed, but Crandall refuses. As the team treats the patient, House still has his suspicions, and when her treatment requires a bone marrow transplant, Crandall offers himself up, but must be tested to see if he's a match (while still refusing the paternity test). As House works his way through the girl's lies to find clues to diagnose and treat her, he is forced to tell some lies of his own. Meanwhile, Cuddy asks House to review two medical files, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out that she's looking for a sperm donor. But House takes the search a step further and sets Cuddy up for a big surprise.


Episode 24 - No Reason

As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vince, a man with a giant swollen tongue, disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty (guest star Elias Koteas) walks into House's office and shoots him. House continues to treat Vince from his hospital bed in the ICU with Moriarty, shot by hospital security and handcuffed to his bed, as his roommate. Mysteriously since the shooting, House feels decreased pain in his leg. However, aftereffects of the shooting begin to affect him negatively and he starts to question his own ability to diagnose, while hostility increases between him and Moriarty. As Vince's body begins to deteriorate, House struggles through his own self-doubts and must trust his team to find a way to solve the case.


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