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Episode 1 - Rope Swings and Roundabouts

Josh's new girlfriend, Millie, takes him to a high-ropes course for a date. However, when Josh gets stuck on a zip wire, things spiral out of his control and he ends up accidentally going viral on the internet. Luckily, landlord Geoff has been doing a night course in psychotherapy and can help Josh through this dark period.


Episode 2 - Fame and Fortune

Josh's work life receives a boost when his agent gets him a gig supporting a big act on tour. However, Josh struggles to play nice with his rival and ends up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Meanwhile, Owen starts dating former X Factor star Diana Vickers. All is going well until Diana gets lined up to appear in the next series of Strictly.


Episode 3 - Bicycles and Babies

Kate's yummy mummy friend makes her godmother to a bawling baby boy, only to exploit her for free childcare. Owen tries to teach Josh how to use the gym properly but Josh makes a nemesis in spin class and lacks the body confidence to shower in the all-together. They have to use the communal showers because they've banned Geoff, their weird landlord, from constantly turning up at the flat to do odd jobs.


Episode 4 - The Old Lady and the Swan

The old lady upstairs blackmails Josh into accepting and carrying all her heavy deliveries, as it turns out she runs the building like a mob boss. Talented mimic, Owen starts to fall for a beautiful American woman who is under the impression he's from Cork rather than Carmarthenshire, leaving him to wonder whether he could keep the accent up for the rest of his life.


Episode 5 - Friends and Rivals

Josh discovers Geoff is a FIFA genius and persuades him to takeover Joshenham Hotspur for his annual match against his Uni frenemy. Kate goes on a date with a Dad and ends up competing with his fraudulent 10 year old for his affection. Owen is landed with a new work colleague who challenges his laid-back approach to life.


Episode 6 - Stood Up and Sat Down

All Josh wants is a quiet night in with Jonathan Creek and a pizza but some dreams are too ambitious. First Kate interrupts having been on the shortest date since... well, her last one. And then, Owen gets back early from the medical trial he was supposed to be doing all weekend. Things get worse when Geoff the landlord arrives and tries to nick all their furniture.



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