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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

A brand-new villa awaits our sexy singles in the return of Love Island, hosted by Maya Jama. The first coupling-up is on the way, but there's a surprise in store...


Episode 2 - Episode 2

Bombshell Tom has a big decision to make, but what will his decision at the fire pit be, and how will it affect the other Islanders?


Episode 3 -

Which Islanders will the bombshells choose to surprise with an invite on a date outside of the Love Island Villa?


Episode 4 -

The Islanders get their graft on, and an evening party game mixes things up by testing the couplings... what will happen next for them?


Episode 5 -

The Islanders receive a text with news of a recoupling - the girls are in charge at the event, but who will be leaving the Villa this evening?


Episode 6 -

Unseen Bits is back! Join Iain Stirling as he brings exclusive content from an action-packed first week in the villa.


Episode 7 -

A pool party brings an unexpected twist as Australian bombshells Aaron and Jessie arrive at the Villa - and they are ready to meet the Islanders...


Episode 8 -

The Islanders play a game around the fire pit and new Bombshells Aaron and Jessie also get the chance to take two Islanders each on a date, but who will they choose?


Episode 9 -

The temperature's rising as Love Island continues. With a huge prize up for grabs for the winning couple, the question is - who's in danger of being dumped from the villa?


Episode 10 -

The Islanders enjoy a '90s-themed party in the Villa, but which two of them will be leaving it for good?


Episode 11 -

New Islanders and Bombshells Ellie and Spencer make their choices, but what will their choices at the recoupling do to the Villa dynamics?


Episode 12 -

The Hideaway Retreat is open for the first time... and so is the new Treehouse. What's in store for the Islanders as the Villa offers some couples some alone time?


Episode 13 -

A collection of exclusive and unseen footage from the Love Island Villa as we look back at the week which saw David, Anna-May and Haris get dumped, plus the arrival of Bombshells Aaron, Jessie, Spencer and Ellie.


Episode 14 -

The arrival of a new female Bombshell surprises the Islanders.


Episode 15 -

Samie gets grafting and some secrets are spilled as Love Island's latest Bombshell gets to know the boys, but what else is being discussed on the terrace?


Episode 16 -

Some Villa secrets don't look set to stay secret very long, and Zara and Tanya have some news for Olivia...


Episode 17 -

As the latest recoupling shocks the Villa, so do two new Bombshells...


Episode 18 -

The Islanders pucker up as they take on a kissing challenge, but which of the kisses will get the Villa talking?


Episode 19 -

What does it mean for the Islanders when Maya makes a dramatic reappearance in the Villa?


Episode 20 -

There's been gossip, drama, fighting, flirting and romance galore, and you'll be seeing some of it for the very first time tonight.


Episode 21 -

There's another recoupling, one Islander has a big decision to make, and two Islanders must leave the Villa...


Episode 22 -

The Islanders reflect on the results of the recoupling as the boys take on the Ladiators challenge... but who will be crowned as the winner?


Episode 23 -

Pulses get racing in this edition's challenge, which ends with a surprise as a new Bombshell makes her way into the Villa...


Episode 24 -

The Islanders learn the results of the heart rate challenge, but who has got whose pulses racing?


Episode 25 -

One Islander is dumped as the boys are tasked with cooking a three-course meal - who will manage to impress with their culinary skills?


Episode 26 -

There's a girls' day out this time, but the evening is interrupted by a surprise message to gather at the fire pit.


Episode 27 -

Brace yourselves, because it's time for another rollercoaster ride in Love Island: Unseen Bits.


Episode 28 -

Casa Amor returns, but what's next for the Islanders as the girls leave the Villa?


Episode 29 -

The Casa Amor boys party with the girls... and the boys at the main Villa are surprised by the arrival of the six new Casa Amor girls too.


Episode 30 -

Casa Amor and the main Villa go head-to-head as Raunchy Races returns, but who is kissing whom in the latest Love Island challenge, and what kisses are happening elsewhere?


Episode 31 -

Casa Amor continues with the Islanders' heads being turned as new connections are explored.


Episode 32 -

Maya Jama returns for a Casa Amor recoupling, but who will be partnering up as it draws to a dramatic close?


Episode 33 -

The Islanders reflect on the results of the recoupling, and Jessie, Claudia and Samie meet up with Lydia, Cynthia and Layla to discuss what went on during Casa Amor.


Episode 34 -

Get ready for Love Island: Unseen Bits, the only place to catch all the very best unseen moments from another incredible week in paradise.


Episode 35 -

We're into week six of our Love Island adventure and the temperature is set to rise again.


Episode 36 -

The Hideaway's open, one couple get their first date, and the Islanders enjoy a VIP performance in the Villa.


Episode 37 -

It's question time as the Islanders take on the latest Villa challenge, but who will come out on top?


Episode 38 -

Movie Night returns, but which clip will be chosen, and who will be the star?


Episode 39 -

Movie Night continues, but which clips will the Islanders choose to watch tonight?


Episode 40 -

The Villa receives a text with news of a recoupling, but how will the arrival of new Bombshells Rosie and Keanan affect the pairings when they head out on dates with the Islanders?


Episode 41 -

Join Iain Stirling for another weekly dose of Love Island: Unseen Bits.


Episode 42 -

The Islanders take on a new challenge, and Ron has something to get off his chest to Lana.


Episode 43 -

The Snog, Marry, Pie! challenge makes its return and Casey pulls Claudia aside for a chat... but have his decisions in the challenge helped him to decide where his head is at?


Episode 44 -

The Hideaway Retreat is open, and Jessie questions Casey after the Snog, Marry, Pie! game.


Episode 45 -

The Islanders head out of the Villa to a Beach Club, but Maya Jama makes her return and has a surprise announcement, leaving some of the Islanders at risk of being dumped.


Episode 46 -

Olivia and Maxwell have some news to break and the Islanders take part in Sports Day... but which team will win?


Episode 47 -

The Islanders take part in the A Couple of Sorts challenge - the public have been voting in various categories, but what will they make of the results?


Episode 48 -

All the best unseen moments from another rollercoaster week in paradise are right here waiting for you.


Episode 49 -

Questions hang in the air for the Islanders after the A Couple of Sorts challenge.


Episode 50 -

Which Islander will get the crowd on their feet as they each perform in the 2023 Love Island talent show?


Episode 51 -

The Islanders learn that the public have been voting for them, but who is at risk of being dumped from the Villa?


Episode 52 -

There are some new arrivals at the Villa, but they are babies and not Bombshells! How will the Islanders get on as they're thrust into parenthood?


Episode 53 -

The Islanders are being whisked off on epic final dates... but there's a twist as they learn that they have a task to complete while they're on them.


Episode 54 -

Love Island's epic dates continue, but where will Kai and Sanam and Will and Jessie be whisked off to for their final dates?


Episode 55 -

It's been a truly explosive final week in the villa and this is your last chance to catch up on all the exclusive unseen action they couldn't cram into the show.


Episode 56 -

The Islanders get a big surprise as their friends and family arrive at the Villa, but what do they think of their partners?


Episode 57 -

Join host Maya Jama for all the drama in the big one - the curtain falls on the nation's favourite Villa as we reveal your winning couple.


Episode 58 - Love Island: The Reunion (2023)

After an epic season of love in the villa, the entire cast of this winter's Love Island reunite for one night only. Will there be fireworks or is love still on the cards?


Episode 59 - Maya Jama's Top Moments

Maya Jama shares her top five moments from series 9 of Love Island. From friendships to fights, love-ins to lols, which explosive moments will make it onto her favourites list?


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