Love/Hate Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

In debt to a loan shark, Darren finds he has no choice other than to turn back to his former mentor, John Boy Power. John Boy agrees to take on Darren’s debt in return for absolute loyalty - the deal with the Devil done, Darren is back on the team.


Episode 2 -

When a drug stash is busted, paranoid John Boy becomes convinced that he has a rat on his team - and demands that Darren carry out the hit.


Episode 3 -

John Boy decides to double cross his partner which unleashes full scale gang war.


Episode 4 -

As the war escalates, John Boy orders Tommy to kill rival boss Fran. Rosie comes back to Dublin and Darren falls in love with her all over again.


Episode 5 -

As John Boy’s paranoia propels him into madness, Darren is once again called on to take a life. But Nidge, unlikely pretender to the throne, offers him a way out of his deal with the Devil.


Episode 6 -

As Nidge swiftly fills the power vacuum and gets the gang back to business as usual, Darren is faced with the prospect of taking another life - this time that of his best friend.


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