Love/Hate Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

This is the reign of King Nidge. Having carried out his ruthless coup to remove John Boy, he is determined not to make the same mistakes. He runs his criminal enterprises sensibly, quietly making money and staying under the police radar.


Episode 2 -

A wild party at his brothel with the lads does nothing to improve Nidge’s spirits as he knows Dano will be trying to find out what happened to his father - and sure enough Nidge is summoned to a meeting at Git’s pub-HQ.


Episode 3 -

Nidge tries valiantly to keep things together, staying on side with Dano and as promised bringing into the country a cache of AK47s, small arms and explosives. However elsewhere his web of lies and excuses is threatening to unravel.


Episode 4 -

Increasingly concerned about Siobhan’s depression,Tommy puts his feelings aside and breaks off his relationship with Debbie; besides he has a new problem - Georgina has become obsessed with him and keeps calling and texting.


Episode 5 -

Donna reports what she knows about Siobhan’s rape to the police. It might end there... except two clever detectives, Paula and Terry, connect the report with the disappearance of missing dissident Git Loughman


Episode 6 -

Fearful of Dano’s revenge, Nidge has moved the family out to a hotel. He reconciles with Darren, paying him a proportion of the money he owes, as his old friend - still on the run - plans to leave the country imminently.


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