Love/Hate Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 -

Nidge has his hooks into a client who has fallen behind on his tab at the brothel, and sees an opportunity to extort him into helping to import a large consignment of drugs.


Episode 2 -

Nidge extorts his tame dentist into cooperating with him, unaware that Detective Inspector Moynihan is setting up a complex undercover operation to track Nidge and ultimately bring him down.


Episode 3 -

Fran - still afraid that he could go down for the tiger kidnapping - lashes out looking for someone to blame, resulting in a serious challenge to Nidge's authority.


Episode 4 -

Moynihan's surveillance operation closes in on Nidge and Andrew's dummy run bringing in a shipment of mixing agent, while Fran plots a gruesome revenge.


Episode 5 -

Nidge's preparations for the import operation are disturbed by a ghost from his past. Nidge will do anything to stop a truth getting out. Nidge finds solace in his relationship with Janet, whilst Moynihan's team close in on one of the conspirators.


Episode 6 -

At last the shipment of drugs arrives at Dublin port and everything is ready for the handover. Fran is enraged when Nidge cuts him out of the deal, with devastating consequences as the deadly game of cat and mouse between Nidge and Moynihan climaxes.


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