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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Gunfight at the OK Laundrette

Arthur senses a nice little earner when minder Terry is involved in a siege at a laundrette. First episode of the classic series.


Episode 2 - Bury My Half at Waltham Green

When Arthur offers Terry the chance to make the easiest money he'll ever earn, it is clear there are going to be complications.


Episode 3 - The Smaller They Are

Arthur gets involved with a small-time crook who manages to steal a suitcase filled with money, and soon realises that the notes are suspect.


Episode 4 - A Tethered Goat

Terry is assigned to be a bodyguard for a Lebanese businessman, who is so nervous that he insists on carrying a gun. Will it come in handy?


Episode 5 - Bounty Hunter

When a young widow is conned out of all of her savings, Arthur sends Terry off to reclaim the money. Is there anything he can hold hostage to bait the thief?


Episode 6 - Aces High - And Sometimes Very Low

The chips are down for Arthur's friend Maurice, when the professional gambler is barred from the casinos and mugged of all his winnings.


Episode 7 - The Bengal Tiger

Terry is hired out by Arthur to act as a minder for Mr Mukerjee, a newsagent who is being threatened - but by whom?


Episode 8 - Come in T-64, Your Time Is Ticking Away

Terry is roped in as a driver to find out who is behind attacks on Arthur's mini-cab firm, but his business partner is reluctant to involve the police.


Episode 9 - Monday Night Fever

When Arthur falls for a singer with questionable talent, and helps her get a new gig, Terry suspects trouble.


Episode 10 - The Dessert Song

Terry and Arthur meet a Greek Cypriot and become involved in the battle for a Greek restaurant, which involves Terry going undercover.


Episode 11 - You Gotta Have Friends

Terry finds himself in the cells when he helps a friend of Arthur's who is in trouble, after he is suspected to have taken some bearer bonds.


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