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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Fridge Too Far

Arthur needs to raise some cash - fast. But will insurance fraud and pawning her indoors' jewellery raise more problems that it will solve?


Episode 2 - Another Case of Van Blank

Arthur, Dave and Ray take a trip across the channel to take advantage of duty free prices. Unfortunately, it's Arthur who's taken advantage of.


Episode 3 - All Things Brighton Beautiful

The 100th episode sees Arthur's chum Sidney coming to him for protection from a murderer. Unfortunately, Arthur's idea of a safe house is a caravan belonging to Dave's sister.


Episode 4 - One Flew Over the Parents Nest

Enterprising as ever, Arthur decides to rent out Bert and Doreen's house while the unfortunate pair are holidaying. However, he hasn't bargained for the horrible fact that his new tenant is in trouble with the police.


Episode 5 - The Immaculate Contraption

Comedy drama series. Arthur sells a dodgy car to a nun and then everything in his life starts to go wrong. Could it be divine retribution?


Episode 6 - All Quiet on the West End Front

Comedy drama series. Arthur's venture into corporate hospitality takes him and Ray into company that's glamorous and dangerous.


Episode 7 - The Great Depression of 1994

Comedy drama series. Arthur spots a way to make money out of his brother-in-law Brian's misery.


Episode 8 - On the Autofront

Arthur Daley is forced to broadcast his first-ever commercial on pirate radio when a rival car dealer tries to put him out of business with a nightmare test drive.


Episode 9 - Bring Me the Head of Arthur Daley

Someone is staging crimes and planting the evidence on hapless Arthur - but who, and why? The trail leads back to the great Willesden sorting-office raid of 1970.


Episode 10 - The Long Good Thursday

In the very first episode in 1979, Arthur's minder was held hostage in a hold-up. Now, in the final episode, Arthur feels the barrel of a gun against his head when he is held captive in his own lock-up by a prisoner on the run.


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