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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Terry gets another dead-end job when Arthur agrees to collect a coffin from the airport, but it's clear that something fishy is going on.


Episode 2 - You Need Hands

Arthur takes on some hired help when Terry is injured, and unwittingly finds himself mixed up in drug dealing.


Episode 3 - Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore

A chance meeting in a club takes Arthur into the world of fine art, as he sees an opportunity to make some money by selling forgeries.


Episode 4 - Looking for Micky

When Mad Micky goes on the run to protest his innocence, Terry has to look after him, and Arthur sees his chance of a scoop.


Episode 5 - Dreamhouse

Terry finally gets the chance to taste the high life when he has to mind a singer's dream home. Arthur, as usual, has other ideas.


Episode 6 - Another Bride, Another Groom

Arthur gets a consignment of pornographic magazines on his niece Trina's wedding day, and insists Terry drives the limo to help shift them.


Episode 7 - The Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs

After 14 years in prison, ex-con Ernie leaves with a quarter of a million still stashed away in a bank, and everyone wants a piece.


Episode 8 - The Son Also Rises

Comedy drama series about the shady dealings of a loveable rogue and his reluctant sidekick. Terry is employed to look after the son of a crooked property tycoon whose shady past has caught up with him.


Episode 9 - Why Pay Tax?

Terry agrees to accompany Barry the Bookie to hand some winnings over to a punter, but realises too late that he's been caught up in a scam.


Episode 10 - Broken Arrow

Comedy drama series about the shady dealings of a loveable rogue and his reluctant sidekick. Arthur's latest flight of fancy takes him into the world of darts, but has he hit the bullseye with Welsh wizard Dafydd?


Episode 11 - Poetic Justice Innit?

Terry is left minding the fort when Arthur is called up for jury service, and Terry's girlfriend Debbie has a bad first job.


Episode 12 - Back in Good Old England

Comedy drama series about a roguish entrepreneur and his bodyguard. Terry's pleasure at seeing 'Oily' Wragg again is cut short by the appearance of some less friendly faces from the past.


Episode 13 - In

Terry has to track down some tough Scots when Arthur lands himself in trouble with the police, for something car-related.


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