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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Goodbye Sailor

Arthur lines up a deal to supply cheap tobacco, but Terry has his doubts when he and Arthur are on a boat being pursued by Customs and Excise.


Episode 2 - What Makes Shamy Run?

Dave at the Winchester Arms points out that the banknotes given to Arthur by Shamy to pay off his debts have been forged.


Episode 3 - A Number of Old Wives' Tales

Arthur gets involved with Clive Cosgrove, who has several businesses, each run by a woman he is married to.


Episode 4 - The Second Time Around

Arthur Daley, a small-time crook, hires ex-boxer Terry McCann as his 'minder'. Terry has been in prison, but can he keep going straight and earn a decent living if he is working for the 'King of Dodgy Deals'?


Episode 5 - Second Hand Pose

After being left in an industrial freezer, Terry looks for alternative employment and gets work helping out an old friend in the second hand furniture business.


Episode 6 - The Long Ride Back to Scratchwood

Arthur scores an own goal when he is persuaded to buy 2,000 tickets for the England v Scotland football match at Wembley.


Episode 7 - Hypnotising Rita

Arthur tries to help a young girl who is being conned by a hypnotherapist for the £25,000 she is due to inherit.


Episode 8 - The Balance of Power

When Arthur decides to stand as an independent candidate in the local council by-election, his rivals are prepared to try anything to unsteady him.


Episode 9 - Around the Corner

Arthur buys a greyhound to get rich with, and gets conned over some dodgy video recorders - but the police might be too busy fighting with each other to notice.


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