Minder Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I'll Never Forget Whatsername

Arthur has a few difficult questions to answer concerning his choice of partner at the Winchester's quiz night.


Episode 2 - No Way to Treat a Daley

Arthur acquires a hot air balloon in a bid to break into the aerial advertising game, but his latest venture is hijacked by a psychotic business partner.


Episode 3 - Uneasy Rider

Arthur starts a courier service, the Daley Post, and it isn't long before its competitors start throwing the wrong sort of business at him.


Episode 4 - Looking for Mr Goodtime

Arthur gets arrested when he attempts to hunt down a new car, and acts very strangely in the process.


Episode 5 - Opportunity, Knocks and Bruises

To make room in the lock-up, Arthur and Ray swap its contents for a fruit machine filled with stolen money.


Episode 6 - Gone with the Winchester

Arthur falls out with Dave when a member of their boyhood gang re-appears on the scene. Arthur is so put out that he tries setting up a rival club to the Winchester.


Episode 7 - How to Succeed in Business without Really Retiring

When Arthur allows himself to be persuaded into retirement, Ray is quick to take control of Daley Enterprises. But Arthur finds that a life of leisure isn't to his taste, and Ray soon finds his hands full without that Arthurian magic.


Episode 8 - The Roof of All Evil

With typical aplomb, Arthur announces the launch of his Daley Into Space business, to flog some satellite dishes.


Episode 9 - Last Orders at the Winchester

The Winchester Club is faced with permanent closure when one of Arthur's money-making schemes backfires badly. Luckily Ray is on hand with an idea; how about a charity football match between the Winchester XI and the local police?


Episode 10 - Cars and Pints and Pains

Since he can't sell his second hand cars, Arthur decides it might be a good idea to hire them out instead - but Ray has some trouble with the customers.


Episode 11 - The Great Trilby

Arthur's eyes light up when he discovers that he may be in line to inherit a fortune in Australia.


Episode 12 - A Taste of Money

Arthur and Ray soak up the antipodean atmosphere and a millionaire's lifestyle as they enjoy the best Australia has to offer. But Arthur comes back to earth with a bump when he learns that he faces tough opposition for the Daley inheritance.


Episode 13 - For a Few Dollars More

Penniless and facing the threat of deportation from Australia, Ray and Arthur must try to raise funds for a return airfare home.


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