Murder Most Horrid Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Case of the Missing

PC Softly is mysteriously promoted to investigate a case of murder by concrete.


Episode 2 - Girl from Ipanema

A Brazilian au pair enters a world of sexual and political intrigue with fatal results.


Episode 3 - He Died a Death

The cast of a murder mystery are under suspsicion when one of them is slaughtered off set.


Episode 4 - A Determined Woman

A quantum physicist sends herself back in time to make amends for her terrible actions.


Episode 5 - Murder at Teatime

A jealous children's television presenter plots the demise of her new colleague.


Episode 6 - Mrs Hat and Mrs Red

A terrifying tale of suburban dopplegängers, luxury bath oil and cold-blooded murder.


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