My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rescue Me

Whitney is all set for a whirlwind tour as a backup dancer but a secret love is holding her back. Plus, are Buddy and Heather's relationship problems irreparable?


Episode 2 - Ghosted

Whitney uncovers a dark truth about the man she's fallen for, but will he fess up when confronted? Plus, Heather confronts Buddy about his change of heart.


Episode 3 - Big Fat Ambush

In an effort to move on from her ex-boyfriend Avi, Whitney joins forces with Nada, Avi's other ex. Later, a chance encounter with Avi leaves them shell-shocked.


Episode 4 - Buddy's Missing

While helping Ashley prepare for her baby, Whitney panics about her own fertility. Later, Todd and Whitney attempt to end their feud over Big Girl Dance Class.


Episode 5 - Buddy's Big Secret

Buddy's been missing for over a week and Whitney learns the harsh truth at his parents' house. A tense Ashley is due give birth. Can a blessing ceremony calm her?


Episode 6 - We're Having A Baby

Whitney has big plans to help Ashley's labour, but it's time, there's panic! Glenn announces a Hawaiian surprise and Heather gets a shocking letter from Buddy.


Episode 7 - A Sobering Reality

With the Hawaii trip approaching, Whitney prepares for the 5K. When she visits Buddy in rehab, she invites him to join her out there. Can he make it out in time?


Episode 8 - Aloha Buddy

Buddy needs a sober coach to meet the gang in Hawaii. Whitney feels betrayed by Glenn about the race. Babs gets jealous over Glenn's former girlfriend, Keiko.


Episode 9 - One K At a Time

It's race day and Whitney is determined to make her dad proud - but will she make it to the finish line? Plus, Whitney takes her mum to swim with dolphins.


Episode 10 - Who’s Your Buddy?

The family are back home and tensions flare between Whitney and Buddy when they discuss the race in Hawaii. Plus, Heather decides to cut ties with Buddy.


Episode 11 - Buddy's Next Move

With treatment nearing an end, Buddy must decide between Whitney's house and a sober living facility in Charleston. And, the Thore family gets devastating news.


Episode 12 - My Big Fat Baby

Before Buddy leaves town, he has a final talk with Heather - but nothing prepares her for his bombshell news. Whitney announces an alarming plan to start a family.


Episode 13 - The Skinny

Whitney Thore was once a 110-lb dancer but gained 200-lbs in a year due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It took a while, but now she's happy with her body and lives life out loud.


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