My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Big Fat French Crush

Whitney worries that Buddy may have abandoned her for his new girlfriend. And, she admits to starting an online relationship with a mystery man from Paris.


Episode 2 - From Tutor To Suitor

A newly vaccinated Whitney prepares for a first date with her mystery French man. Plus, Buddy finally agrees to meet up with Whitney.


Episode 3 - Will You Be My Surrogate

Whitney makes some big decisions during a trip to the fertility doctor. And, she goes on her first official date with the mystery French man.


Episode 4 - Vaxed and Waxed

Whitney and Ashley head to Georgia for a big girls’ retreat. Plus, Whitney begins to wonder if her virtual relationship will finally become a reality.


Episode 5 - Retreat Yourself

Whitney and her friends begin to doubt the French man's intentions after a shocking revelation at the big girls' retreat. Will she give him a chance?


Episode 6 - Crappy Birthday To You

Whitney and Todd's birthday celebration turns into a disaster. Whitney finally confronts the French man about where their relationship is heading.


Episode 7 - Chasen the Frenchman

Whitney struggles with the side effects of her IVF treatment and worries she won’t produce enough healthy eggs. Plus, she decides to meet up with Chase.


Episode 8 - A Big Fat Disappointment

Whitney feels jealous after she learns about Chase’s big news. Plus, the French man finally reaches out to her, but will she like what he has to say?


Episode 9 - Fat Lips

Whitney finally gets the results from her egg retrieval procedure. Meanwhile, she receives a disturbing voicemail from the French man that makes her question everything.


Episode 10 - Maine Reason For Tension

After the French man lets her down, Whitney is forced to defend her online relationship. She wonders if he is everything that he says he is.


Episode 11 - Late Toothless and High

Whitney agonises over whether or not the French man will be allowed to enter the US. Her misery is compounded when she is hit by a mysterious pain.


Episode 12 - Bon Voyage Whitney

Whitney has a one-way ticket to Paris and is ready to meet her French man. But prioritising love over business may cause friction between her and Jessica.


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