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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sex and the Sisterhood

Kuranosuke works his make-up magic to turn the Sisterhood Stylish and then drags them out for a bite to eat.


Episode 2 - Sukiyaki Western Matsusaka

No matter how much she begs to be left alone, Tsukimi just can't shake her Stylish new friend.


Episode 3 - Enchanted

Kuranosuke tries to bond with Tsukimi by introducing her to the wonderful world of makeup, but transforming this drab girl into a Stylish may be more than she can handle!


Episode 4 - I'll See You in My Aquarium

Sweet potatoes and bittersweet memories send Tsukimi straight to the aquarium. The fabulous Kuranosuke decides to tag along, and so does his severely-smitten brother Shu!


Episode 5 - I Want to Be a Jellyfish

The Sisterhood scrambles for a solution to keep their all-girl pad intact.


Episode 6 - Night of the Living Sisterhood

Inari takes Shū to a bar and spikes his drink in order to take advantage of him at a hotel.


Episode 7 - Spellbound and Stone Broke

While Inari makes plans to return Shū's glasses, she drops to bribe the Sisterhood with sweets, and Tsukimi becomes depressed when she sees Shū's glasses in her bag.


Episode 8 - Million Dollar Babies

Kuranosuke's scheme to get rich selling old dishes hits a snag when the flea market customers decide they only have eyes for Tsukimi's jellyfish dolls!


Episode 9 - Midnight Pureboy

An ill-fated attempt to design a jellyfish dress is derailed when Tsukimi and Kuranosuke witness Inari's shocking announcement that she and Shu have slept together!


Episode 10 - Terms of Lukewarmment

Kuranosuke pulls out all the stops to convince Tsukimi not to give up her jelly fish dress dreams.


Episode 11 - Jellyfish of Dreams

As Tsukimi gets excited to make more dresses, the other Sisters finds out about the Amamizukan, only to later learn it was a mistake from the construction workers.



Season 1

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