Scott & Bailey Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Untitled

Janet and Rachel join an investigation when two badly burned bodies are discovered.


Episode 2 - Untitled

Second of a two-part story. The team finally break down the suspects' wall of silence.


Episode 3 - Untitled

Gill and Rachel go to Bristol to advise on a rape and murder that mirrors an old case.


Episode 4 - Untitled

The team investigates when an eight-year-old boy is murdered by a paedophile killer.


Episode 5 - Untitled

Janet learns much more than she bargained for in an interview with Geoff Hastings.


Episode 6 - Untitled

The team investigates the murder of a sexily dressed woman with a green head.


Episode 7 - Untitled

Sean contacts Rachel's estranged mother, and Janet and Andy clash at work.


Episode 8 - Untitled

Rachel learns that Nick has been assaulted and that she is a suspect.


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