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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Backroads

Picking up from Season 2’s cliffhanger, Bob Lee Swagger is taken hostage by Solotov, the world’s greatest assassin. A surprising piece of information about Bob Lee’s father surfaces.


Episode 2 - Red Meat

Bob Lee visits a local prison for answers about his father's murder in 1988. Nadine and Isaac scoop up her ex-boyfriend Harris Downey, who knows more about the operation than he realizes.


Episode 3 - Sins of the Father

Bob Lee’s latest clue about Earl’s murder leads him to the local slaughterhouse. Nadine and Isaac’s quest to take down Atlas puts them in an uneasy alliance with a former Atlas agent.


Episode 4 - The Importance of Service

Armed with new information, Bob Lee hunts for the real men responsible for Earl’s murder. Sensing her husband’s growing obsession, Julie follows a lead of her own.


Episode 5 - A Call to Arms

Bob Lee visits a friend of his father’s to get more answers about Earl's rogue operation during the Vietnam War. Bob Lee then joins the others to crash a black-tie event in D.C.


Episode 6 - Line Crossed

Bob Lee and Isaac are put through the wringer by a former member of Earl’s top secret Vietnam unit. Julie stands up to the Bama family. Nadine gains entry into a high tech security facility.


Episode 7 - Swing Vote

Closing in on the mystery of his father’s assassination, Bob Lee and Isaac track down a former “dark lord” of the Pentagon. Nadine is sent on a dangerous mission by a DOJ Agent.


Episode 8 - The Red Badge

An attempt on Sam Vincent’s life leads Bob Lee and Julie to a stockpile of information left behind by Earl Swagger. Nadine, Isaac, Harris and Carlita take a run at one of the heads of Atlas.


Episode 9 - Alpha Dog

Bob Lee drifts further apart from Julie as his search for Red Bama’s son continues. Isaac and Nadine schedule a meet with the President’s Chief of Staff. Carlita betrays the group.


Episode 10 - Orientation Day

Bob Lee and Isaac’s search for Carlita and the missing key card leads them to an off-the-grid Atlas training facility, where they’re forced to confront their pasts. Julie’s paranoia grows.


Episode 11 - A Bullet Is Forever

Reeling from new information regarding his father’s death, Bob Lee uses Harris to help him get payback – putting them both in danger. Atlas moves forward with its ultimate plan.


Episode 12 - Patron Saint

As Bob Lee finds himself torn between his thirst for justice and keeping his family together, Atlas pivots towards a new gameplan, which will only expedite their mission.


Episode 13 - Red Morning

Following the blast in D.C., Bob Lee attempts to put an end to Atlas once and for all, all while trying to salvage his marriage and tie up the remaining threads from his past.


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