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Episode 1 - Death on the Air

Spin doctor Simon Kapita witnesses an assassination that throws politics into turmoil and triggers a ruthless race for power. President Marjorie's wife sparks a diplomatic scandal in the Middle East.


Episode 2 - Woman in the Shadows

After a betrayal, Alain Marjorie is forced to form a new government. Simon's ex-wife Apolline leaves Paris for Lebanon, where she's investigating a corruption case to which Clémence is closely linked.


Episode 3 - Tabloid Politics

Apolline is getting closer to the end of her investigation in Beyrouth when she is kidnapped by an islamist group. A crisis centre is set up at Elysée while Kapita and Marjorie have to thwart the attacks of the opposition: the very ambitious Anne-Marie Carrère, advised by Ludovic Desmeuze, does not hesitate in using the most awful means to shake the Presidency and get rid of her rival, Deleuvre.


Episode 4 - Manipulations

Kapita, haunted by the death he witnessed and receiving psychological counselling, seems to be more and more disillusioned by the manoeuvres of power, while the President, trapped in an intimate and devastating political earthquake, must find the resources for his political survival.


Episode 5 - Betrayals

Heads are rolling in the government as much as in the opposition: following the revelations coming from the investigation of Apolline, who has just been released. Palissy is dismissed while Anne-Marie Carrère makes sure to win the investiture of her political party by annihilating Deleuvre, her principal rival. A new terrorist attack threatens the country with the arrival in France of Aïcha, one of the terrorists who was keeping Apolline captive in Lebanon.


Episode 6 - Game Over

Determined to fight for his re-election and convinced to be able to regain control, President Marjorie is galvanised by the news of his future fatherhood and does not hesitate to take risks by holding a large referendum. This will be double or quits for Marjorie, who risks losing everything...



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