The Worst Witch Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Wishing Star

Mildred's determined to win a Wishing Star in the broomstick flying contest so she can make her mum magical - until Ethel uncovers her secret. Sybil has a new hero - worst is the new best!


Episode 2 - Double Hubble

Julie's first day as art teacher is a humiliating disaster. Mildred vows to make her mum equal and steals the confiscated Wishing Star. Clarice falls under Ethel's spell.


Episode 3 - Magic Mum

Julie's new magic is out of control... Mildred fears she's made a terrible mistake. Beatrice hunts for a thief using truth cookies - and makes a new friend in Miss Tapioca.


Episode 4 - Swamp Troll

Ethel transforms into a Swamp Troll after casting one too many spells in anger. Julie accidentally shrinks Mildred, turning her into a rag doll.


Episode 5 - The Owl and the Pussycat

Enid summons a Wise Owl to find a cure for Maud's vanishing cat, Midnight. Beatrice mistakenly summons lots of owls using a magic feather - but wins the Chanting Contest.


Episode 6 - The Game

A game craze sweeps the Academy as pupils and staff start disappearing - are the two things connected? Sybil casts a foresight spell to find out what the future holds.


Episode 7 - Bad Magic

As Julie's magic spirals out of control, Miss Hardbroom issues a shocking warning to Mildred. The second years turn Miss Drill's cat into a cake.


Episode 8 - The Cackle Run

When Indigo Moon explodes into the Academy, Ethel challenges her to a treacherous broomstick race. Exam stress hits Clarice, in the shape of a bother boil.


Episode 9 - Starstruck

Mildred and Maud fly off to stop Indigo revealing magical secrets in a TV talent show - will they get there in time? Frustrated Enid turns her mum into a little girl.


Episode 10 - Finding Joy

Mildred masquerades as Indigo's lost friend, Joy, in a bid to help her knuckle down to her studies. Mr Rowan-Webb's marriage proposal to Miss Bat is de-railed by Mabel's opposites spell.


Episode 11 - The Broomstick Uprising

Mildred's re-animation potion causes the brooms to rebel - but unexpectedly helps Indigo pass her exam. Star's true owner returns to claim him.


Episode 12 - Ethel Hallow to the Rescue, Pt. 1

The second years fetch the wrong registrar to marry Mr Rowan-Webb and Miss Bat, but disaster is averted with Clarice's puppet spell. Ethel plots a Wishing Star heist.


Episode 13 - Ethel Hallow to the Rescue, Pt. 2

When Indigo appears in the sky amid a violent storm and demands Miss Hardbroom or she'll destroy Cackles, Ethel steps in to save the school. But who's eating pizza with Julie Hubble?


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