The Worst Witch Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Three Impossibilities

Mildred must complete the Three Impossibilities by sunset in order to return to her old look, but first she must find out what they are.


Episode 2 - Gertrude The Great

Enid re-animates Gertrude to help Mildred summon her Familiar Auxiliar - but it soon becomes clear she's made a serious mistake.


Episode 3 - Happy Birthday, Indigo Moon

Miss Hardbroom is forced to take drastic action to help Indigo when her magic runs out and she begins to revert to her true age.


Episode 4 - Enid Nightshade, Superstar

Enid almost scuppers Mildred's chances in The Great Debate but impresses Miss Hempnettle with her sporting prowess.


Episode 5 - The Forbiden Tree

Ethel's friends come to the rescue after her destruction of a magical tree has terrible consequences for both her & Cackles.


Episode 6 - Maud's Magical Make-over

Maud discovers appearances aren't everything after using Felicity's coolness potion to give herself a magic make-over.


Episode 7 - The Crystal Lake

Mildred finds out a new friend is not who she seems when her desire to see into the future leads to danger at Crystal Lake.


Episode 8 - Enid's Last Race

Enid's a winner at The Games in spite of Miss Hempnettle's sabotage and leaves Cackles for a whole new sporting future.


Episode 9 - Mildred The Detective

Mildred & Ethel must discover the identity of the mysterious prankster wreaking havoc at Cackles to win their next badge.


Episode 10 - A Witch In Time

Mildred's left with no choice but to rewind time using Loop Spells in order to to win the Head Girl Triathlon.


Episode 11 - Grounded

Mildred & Izzy are desperate to find a Grounding Stone to re-boot Mildred's magic when it misfires on a holiday at Spike's farm.


Episode 12 - The Witching Hour: Part 1

Mildred is banished to Wormwood when her spell design goes horribly wrong, as Agatha uses Ethel to help sieze power at Cackles.


Episode 13 - The Witching Hour: Part 2

Agatha's victims in vanishment will be re-cycled at midnight - unless Mildred and co can find a way to restore Miss Cackle to herself.


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