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Episode 1 - The Double Murders

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Clare Mackintosh takes Simon to a quiet community in Northern Ireland to explore a double murder with close parallels to her bestselling novel.


Episode 2 - The Generational Murders

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Tess Gerritsen invites Simon to the state of Oregon in the US, where an incredible real-life case of multi-generational murder influenced her book.


Episode 3 - The Taxi Driver

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Mason Cross invites Simon to his hometown of Glasgow to uncover a case that literally unfolded on his doorstep.


Episode 4 - The Murder of Elsie Frost

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Peter Robinson invites Simon to Yorkshire, the setting for his DCI Banks series, where he reveals the largely untold story of 14-year-old stabbing victim Elsie Frost.


Episode 5 - The Cassanova Killer

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Karin Slaughter introduces Simon to the case of 'Casanova Killer' Paul John Knowles who terrorised the US, and who came within miles of her home.


Episode 6 - The Murder of Collette Aram

True Crime UK from CBS Reality. Sophie Hannah takes Simon to Nottingham to explore the murder of 16-year-old Collette Aram in 1983, the very first case featured on 'Crime watch'.



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