Wycliffe Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - All for Love

A prisoner carries out a well-planned escape during a routine prison transfer, and Wycliffe and his team embark on a race against time to recapture the dangerous criminal.


Episode 2 - Trojan Horse

Wycliffe is sceptical about a man's distraught claims concerning his missing wife, until a ransom note is found and a body is discovered at the wheel of a crashed car.


Episode 3 - Charades

Wycliffe and his team move in to investigate the death of a man found blasted by a shotgun at a Cornish holiday home.


Episode 4 - Lost Contact

A body with gunshot wounds to the head is washed ashore. Although the corpse is almost unidentifiable, two women each claim that it must be their missing husband.


Episode 5 - Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Wycliffe is summoned to trace a farmer who has disappeared, and discovers crime at the heart of a farming community struggling to survive.


Episode 6 - Happy Families

When a schoolgirl is found dead in a science lab after a school disco, Wycliffe sets out to discover whether it's a case of murder or suicide.


Episode 7 - Wild Oats

An archaeological dig uncovers a 30-year-old skeleton that seems to unsettle a local landowning family, who are steeped in archaic values.


Episode 8 - Breaking Point

Wycliffe is called in when a surfer is washed up on a beach, with head injuries. Evidence points to an accident, or possibly suicide, but things could be far more sinister.


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