Wycliffe Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Dead on Arrival

Wycliffe's silver wedding anniversary celebrations come to an abrupt halt when crime rears its head.


Episode 2 - Number of the Beast

When unexplained killings rock the Bodmin community, locals are convinced the 'beast' is back.


Episode 3 - Slave of Duty

The team are intrigued by the case of a dead man found buried with a pile of 100-year-old wood.


Episode 4 - Total Loss

When a fishing boat sinks, killing one of the crew, Kersey and Lane discover a community struggling to keep its head above water.


Episode 5 - Crazy for You

Detective drama series. When a psychiatrist's wife is murdered in a frenzied attack, Wycliffe finds that proving a motive is harder than catching the killer.


Episode 6 - Faith

Detective series. A dead baby leads the team of Cornish detectives to the discovery of a bizarre pagan sect.


Episode 7 - Last Judgement

Suspicion arises when a magistrate pal of Wycliffe's is found hanged. Suicide or murder?


Episode 8 - Old Habits

Detective series. Interest is reawakened in unresolved serial killings when pathologist Franks notices similarities with a young woman found strangled.


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