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What is On TV Tonight?

On TV Tonight is a guide to TV across the UK. We display every time for every TV show broadcasting and streaming near you.

How do I find my local TV guide in the UK?

Simply select your location to find out what's on TV. You can also search the guide to find out when your favourite TV show is on this week and receive alerts. In addition, you can click the guide's "On Now" button for a quick look at the TV shows on right now.

Can I personalise my TV listings?

Viewers can browse the schedule of every channel on TV, listed in every region of the UK, including Free TV channels and Pay TV. If a TV channel is not often watched, it can be removed from the schedule instantly and put back on if desired.

Do I have easy access to my guide?

You can browse TV listings by region. Bookmarked TV schedules are included for the top UK regions, including London, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and more.

On TV Tonight is also available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

Can I get a TV guide for the UK on my phone or tablet?

Yes! On TV Tonight is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store and for Android devices at Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Discover more about our UK TV apps.

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