The Detonator

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12:10 am - 02:10 am | Today

Action/adventure Suspense/thriller Martial Arts


TVPG Nudity, Strong Language, Violence

Wesley Snipes is at his martial-arts best in this explosive actioner about a CIA agent who targets an international arms dealer who is trying to get his hands on a mysterious Russian woman's $30 million so that he can purchase a nuclear device. Directed by Po-Chih Leong, written by Martin Wheeler. Silvia Colloco, William Hope, William Derosa, Florian Ghimpo.

Wesley Snipes
Bogdan Uritescu
Dorina Lazar
Serban Celea
Michael Brandon
Tim Dutton
William Hope
Vincenzo Nicoli
Roxana Andronescu
Stuart Milligan
Tania Popa
Florian Ghimpu
Silvia Colloca
Evangelos Grecos
Warren Derosa
Emanuel Parvu
Matthew Leitch
Dan Badarau


Released 2006