Sinister - Cast

Find out who is in the cast of Sinister tonight


Ethan Hawke
Also starred in: Brooklyn's Finest , Before Midnight , Lord of War
Vincent D'Onofrio
Also starred in: Escape Plan , Jurassic World , Law & Order: Criminal Intent
James Ransone
Also starred in: Empire State , Sinister 2 , The Black Phone
Fred Dalton Thompson
Also starred in: The Hunt for Red October , In the Line of Fire , Baby's Day Out
Clare Foley
Also starred in: Win Win , Southpaw , Very Good Girls
Juliet Rylance
Also starred in: The Artist's Wife , Perry Mason , American Gothic
Michael Hall D'Addario
Also starred in: People Like Us
Victoria Leigh
Also starred in: Not Since You
Nicholas King
Also starred in: Sinister 2
Rob Riley
Tavis Smiley
Janet Zappala
Jason Blum
Also starred in: Insidious: Chapter 3 , Insidious , Insidious: Chapter 2
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
Also starred in: Midnight Special , Bad Education , Welcome to the Punch

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