A Spy Among Friends Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Boom-Ooh-Yatatatah

Spy drama series. An MI6 agent is put under investigation for his ties to Kim Philby.


Episode 2 - The Admiral's Glass

Spy drama series. Lily begins a psychological play that causes a trigger in Elliott.


Episode 3 - Allegory of the Catholic Faith

Spy drama series. Elliott flushes out a suspected traitor he once turned a blind eye to.


Episode 4 - Vodka

Spy drama series. Philby appears to either be working for the CIA or against them.


Episode 5 - Snow

Spy drama series. Elliott works with Lily to manipulate Hollis into showing his cards.


Episode 6 - No Man's Land

The concluding part of the spy drama series. Philby offers to bury the hatchet.



Season 1

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