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Episode 1 - Love At First Sight

Eight single celebrities meet in a luxury villa. Sparks fly for Joey, Calum walks into a surprise and Lateysha takes a shining to a 'bad boy'. The first celeb ex arrives. (S1, ep1)


Episode 2 - Breaking Point

Seeing Joey and Lorena all over each other is too much for Ellie. Lateysha get's pied by Michael but a sexy new celebrity leaves her on cloud nine. Calum and Marisa continue to flirt. (S1, ep2)


Episode 3 - Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Calum is caught between two exes - Marissa and new arrival Victoria. Marissa is not happy. Joey has a big question for Lorena and Ashley get's friendzoned. (S1, ep3)


Episode 4 - May The Best Man Win

Joey and Lorena are official but someone threatens their happiness. David gets cold feet with Lateysha. Ashley has some luck and Michael and Victoria get closer. (S1, ep4)


Episode 5 - Head To Head

Itay finally realises he's lost the battle for Lorena. Ashley get's pied by Georgia. Ellie gets an apology she's been longing for and the Tablet Of Terror dishes up double trouble. (S1, ep5)


Episode 6 - A New Celeb's In Toon!

There's a special celebrity arrival at the boat party. Georgia realises she's made a mistake, and one of Itay and Victoria's time comes to an end. (S1, ep6)


Episode 7 - The Queen Has Arrived

Lateysha and David hit the rocks when reality queen Tiffany Pollard arrives causing drama by exposing David's true feelings towards Lateysha. Two exes leave the villa for good. (S1, ep7)


Episode 8 - Battle Of The Divas

Emotions run high as Victoria is torn between Michael and a new arrival. Lateysha explodes when Marissa flirts with David, and Joey performs a romantic rap for Lorena. (S1, ep8)


Episode 9 - Heartbreak

The most dramatic and emotional arrival to ever hit the beach causes heartache for Lorena, but will it be the end of JOLO? Michael confides in Ellie but will he move on from Victoria? (S1, ep9)


Episode 10 - Double Trouble

Joeys insecurities get the better of him when Lorena wants to make sweet music with Patrick. David finally apologises to Lateysha and there's a shock double 'Ex' arrival down at the beach. (S1, ep10)


Episode 11 - Calum's Choice

The TOT makes Calum send one of his exes home, Georgia gets emotional with Ashley, Michael and Ellie become closer 'friends' and there's a surprise celebrity on the horizon. (S1, ep11)


Episode 12 - Miles And The Mob Wife

Miles, the new celebrity makes quite an impression on Marissa. David get's a double dressing down and the girls have a tough decision to make. (S1, ep12)


Episode 13 - As One Door Closes Another One Opens

One of the boys get sent home leaving the girls in tears. It all gets too much for one of the original eight. Sophie may have finally met the man of her dreams. (S1, ep13)


Episode 14 - The Mob Wife Goes In

Georgia and Miles get closer but will it all end in tears? Marissa is pushed to her 'mob wife' limits, and Joey and Lorena head down to the beach for the final arrival! (S1, ep14)


Episode 15 - The Finale

Joey gets the shock of his life. An ex makes a spectacular return for the grand finale. Georgia gets emotional but will she get her happy ending along with all the other couples? (S1, ep15)



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